Discovering God’s Truth Promises and Timing

It’s easy understanding God’s perfect honesty. The knowledge necessary in grasping this truth takes a personal commitment to learning His word. With this in mind devotion is the key to discovering God’s truth, promises and timing.

And when we engage in the Bible without reservations, then God unleashes His wisdom.

Infinite Truth

God and truth are inseparable. This revelation showed up in His creations and attested through scripture. When the Lord inspired Moses to write His word it explained the reason heaven and earth exist (Genesis 1). It’s here where God is first exposed as truth putting to rest man’s attempts to disprove Him.

So gaining insight to God’s unremitting truth, one must engulf themselves in His word. And as the result of living in God’s way, we see He can’t lie because His Spirit penetrates our inner-selves with a truth unlike any other.

In both the Old and New Testaments God’s integrity never changes. The Lord’s flawlessness to back up His Word in action smashes disbelief. In fact, every recorded Scripture captures His faithfulness in carrying out His promises. God made knowing Him a relationship full of hope and filled with love.




For example, Noah built the Ark under God’s command (Genesis 6:13-22) and received ridicule for trusting the Lord’s plan. But when the flood came God’s truth became a reality (Genesis 7:1-24). Likewise, Moses took on Pharaoh to free the Israelites, and the Egyptians discovered God’s almighty power (Exodus 6-14). Many other Old Testaments verses support the authenticity of God.

In the New Testament God uses the same demonstrations to heighten His unwavering nature. When Christ became human, it validated the Prophets message that God keeps His promise to send a Messiah. And the Gospels catches God’s consistent righteousness.

Even though the Lord made Jesus His new Covenant with humanity, He didn’t deviate from His truth. As a matter-of-fact Christ proves, God is the one real God. Because once He unleashes Jesus in one’s life, the Holy Spirit permeates the mind body and soul.

The Spirit of Truth

It’s the Holy Spirit that unveils God’s inability to lie. Once the Lord saves a soul, then Jesus takes over and sanctifies the heart. God’s Living Spirit of truth (John 14:17) illuminates our awareness of His existence. And from God’s anointment of the Holy Trinity, the transformation into salvation illustrates the validity of God’s purity.

Our Father’s greatest pledge is eternal life. He assures us if we accept Christ as the way to heaven (John 14:1-6) our inheritance in His kingdom stays secured (1 Peter 1:3-5). Each of us understands this reality because Christ takes away temptation and supplies courage to walk away from sin. This proof of God’s powerful promise revolutionizes our lives giving us the strength to live righteous in a broken world.

My Experience with God’s Truth

In my relationship with God, everything He promised came true. Before He saved me my life wasn’t holy. Agnosticism ruled my mind. I centered my life in skepticism unwilling to accept God. And when my disbelief led to self-destruction, He rescued me.

Today I know the way of faith. It’s important to realize trusting Christ dismantles my doubt and takes away the need to live apart from God. The biggest dividend I’ve received knows God’s graceful Spirit. When I turn to Christ my ability to overcome problems increases and gives a most compelling evidence to God’s trustworthiness. For as long as I stay willing to put Him above everything God never leaves me without a solution.

Waiting on God’s Timing

One of the toughest challenges in living a Christian life is waiting for God’s response. A point often overlooked is comprehending Christ’s timing. Since the Lord knows our needs and never fails to give, it’s crucial to stay active in our devotion. This means we need to continue praying and meditating on His truth. No matter how troublesome our lives become, God is our greatest strength in moving past our problems.




The first thing to remember God doesn’t abandon us. The key in knowing the spiritual actions Christ directs us to take is spending private time with God. And the more we absorb His truth our ability to recognize His commands emerges.

It’s no accident God allows us to gravitate to His presence. Since our Father is Spirit, then the measuring stick in knowing how to go ahead becomes engaged in the spiritual realm. Nothing matches God’s intuitive commands and once acted upon the wisdom to fathom what to do becomes noticeable.

Sometimes God stays silent. This doesn’t mean He is not listening. Here we need to examine ourselves and make sure our approach is faith-centered. Scripture reminds when asking God for wisdom is trusting Him (James 1:5-8). Humility is a crucial principle in receiving God’s answers.

Other useful tools in waiting are patience and perseverance. Patience is a willingness to surrender our will over to God’s regardless the outcome. Perseverance is faith in action. Each of them alone brings a positive result but when they intertwined an unshakable foundation in discovering God’s answers transpires.

Given these points, we can agree God is the truth, honor His word and never fails to give the spiritual food necessary to live according to His purpose. Proverbs 3:5-6 gives an excellent example of the efforts favorable to God. No matter if you are new Christian or a seasoned veteran trusting Christ gets God’s attention!

The Freedom of Forgiveness

Nothing matches the spiritual freedom forgiveness brings to the soul. In fact, it captures God’s attention because it extends His mercy. It frees one’s bondage of self and purifies the heart.

A most compelling evidence to the Holy Spirit existence is one’s ability to let go of wrongdoings from others. This act of holiness shows the inner-changes Christ makes to a believers spirit. As a result from forgiveness, the believer’s bond with God strengthens and a spiritual love for others increases.

Forgiving others takes courage beyond the flesh. The strength needed to achieve this Christian action must come from Christ. And once a person is in the Power of Jesus the most troublesome wrongs caused by others become forgivable.

When we forgive others it frees the mind, heart, and soul from transgression. This separation from sin is not by accident but a result of Christ’s love. It’s important to realize Jesus is God’s way and freedom from a hardened heart comes from a life centered in Christ.

When I’m unwilling to forgive my mind becomes entangled with sinful thoughts. I’m unable to find peace of mind because pride controls my thoughts on the person who wronged me. This causes problems because I’m taken away from Christ and leaves me in the midst of sin.

Another trouble of not forgiving is the effect it has on my heart. Here it stirs up resentments leading to bitterness and cuts me off from God’s mercy. This spiritual turmoil is a stumbling block placing me at odds with Christ. And the longer I hold onto to this wrongfulness the more distant I become from God’s Light.

And when my mind and heart stay unforgiving, it disturbs my soul. It’s important to realize when my spirit becomes unstable spiritual freedom becomes nonexistent. Here God uses my conscience as a reminder to forgive. This makes it imperative for me to move past my self-righteousness and into God’s will.

The good news is reliance on Christ gives me the daily bread to forgive. Once I’m willing to ask Christ for help, then I discover nothing is impossible including those who I don’t want to forgive. And when I let go the Holy Spirit brings me a freedom so profound it changes my heart.

As shown above, forgiveness is favorable in God’s eyes. It unveils freedom unlike any other. This liberty manifested in love by the grace of God and is an example of His mercy.

When you struggle to forgive, stop ask Christ for strength and stay patient for His response. And once He shows the answer then act upon the command and discover the freedom of forgiveness!

How do you forgive your worst enemy?

Sin Crushes the Bond with God

No matter my outlook on sin it crushes my bond with the Father. It causes me to turn away from God and places me in the web of deception. And without God’s grace and Christ’s intercession, it will condemn me eternally.

Many people try to dance around the truth of sin. They want to avoid its effects on life. Yet escaping the reality of transgression is impossible. This never goes away. And as Christians, God gives us a choice to live in Christ or suffer the unremitting consequences caused by sin.

On the negative side, inequity destroys the goodness of God. In the Book of Genesis, the Father’s creations were exceptional. Everything the Lord made went beyond the ordinary.

But the moment Adam and Eve succumbed to temptation humanity entered the darkness of evil.

On my own, I can’t overcome my powerlessness over sin. Every time I use my personal resources it gets worse. But when I stop and humble myself to Christ the strength needed to move away from its paralyzing grip emerges. In fact, once I confess and repent the courage to prevail over temptation releases me from my disobedience.

On the positive side the day God sheds His grace on us everything changes. This includes sin. When the Lord saves a soul, He places it in Christ and sin loses its power. And from this point forward the Lord smashes the devil ability to turn us away from Him.

Before the Father pulled me out of the spiritual darkness sin dominated my heart. I lived according to my will with no concern the effects it had on my eternal destination or how it caused harm to others. And the intense suffering sin caused gives a most compelling evidence to sinfulness existence.

The greatest promise God gives to pardon trespasses is His Son, Jesus Christ. For this purpose, the Lord sacrificed his Son, rose Him from the dead and ascended Him to heaven. And once God’s Spirit enters a person’s heart it connects the human soul with the Holy Trinity.

Sin never sleeps. God knows this and through Christ, He gives us the Christian tools to win the battle over evilness. A point often overlooked is salvation came at a price (Christ’s death) and is not without responsibility. So, I must pick up my cross regardless of its burden and continue living for Christ.

The spiritual warfare transgressions create separates us from God. When inequity enters my life, God is watching the actions I take to walk away from its enticing promise. If I become unwilling to confess then my spirit suffers. But the moment I acknowledge my infraction and turn to Christ without reservation God cleanses my soul.

It’s not pleasant looking at our sinful nature. Yet it answers the question of why we have trouble with obeying God’s word. For this reason, He gives us Christ.

Remember our Father never abandons us and gives the strength to live holy in a hostile world. Abide in Jesus and discover God’s faithfulness!

The Undisputed Power of Christ Deity

Nothing heightens the power of Christ’s Deity more than the fifth chapter of John’s Gospel. It’s here where God establishes Jesus as the judge over His kingdom. And in those scriptures, they remove the confusion over God’s real truth—Jesus the Supreme Ruler.

As we continue looking at John’s Gospel its obvious Christ and God are the same. In his first four chapters, he captured their inseparable alignment.

John’s Gospel begins with Jesus’ existence at the time of creation and His manifestation into flesh (John 1:1-18). Then he reveals Christ as the Lamb of God (John 1:29-34).

Next, John shows us the origin of Discipleship (John 1:35-51), followed by a miracle (John 2:1-12). Another significant highlight is Jesus’s purification of God’s Temple (John 2:13-22). And the 2nd chapter ends with Christ’s uncanny ability in understanding man’s heart (John 2:23-25).

Chapters three and four show other examples of the parallel between Jesus and God. Here John unveils Christ’s supernatural powers by unfolding the Lord’s plan for a rebirth (John 3:1-21), and Jesus role as the Godhead (John 4:1-14).

The Pharisee Evil Plot

In John’s fifth chapter he starts with Jesus healing a cripple man. This miracle done on the Sabbath day stirred up controversy amongst the Pharisees. And this started the Jewish leaders plot to kill Christ because in their minds Christ disregarded Moses law (John 5:16).

In verses 10-12 John unwraps the disrespect the Pharisees had for Jesus. They viewed this event in a negative way. Instead of rejoicing and praising God they twisted it into a way of rejecting Christ. Their reaction captures a self-righteous approach in interpreting God’s word.

In fact, God’s timing to deliver Christ to the world exposed the Pharisees disbelief. The Lord became intolerable to their lack of faith because they hid behind Moses’s teaching and led others to a dead faith. Their refusal to accept the Messiah led them to self-destruction.

Christ Faithfulness

In this chapter, Christ smashed their beliefs by uncovering His faithfulness to God (John 5:19). Its main theme is to illuminate the Lord and Christ as one. The Prophets foretold this doctrine, and they didn’t remember God’s promise of a Messiah.For this reason Jesus removed them from heaven.

It’s important to realize God gave Christ the power to judge and put right His children from a wrong interpretation of His Word. As noted above the Pharisees engulfed themselves in Moses writings but became blind to the real meaning of scripture, their mentor tried to impose on the Israelites (John 5:26).

The key focus in verses 16-23 is the way Jesus relied on God. Here we catch a perfect example of His intercession with the Lord and sets up the first two parts of the Holy Trinity. Christ illustrates the Father’s plan for Him to judge the living and the dead. Here the power of salvation takes shape.

Jesus God’s Voice

Verses 24-30 of the chapter leaves no doubt of the power God gave Christ (John 5:29). This defines God’s New Covenant because it unearths Christ as His redeemer.

Jesus confronted them with God’s truth and set right their spiritual arrogance (John 5:27). In this section of Scripture, we see Christ speak for God and put right them with the Lord’s real message of faith. The first thing to remember is believing in Jesus as the Son of Man is favorable in God’s eye. Here our Messiah shatters their distrust in Him by attacking the way they understand God’s word.

Verse 30 gives a most compelling evidence to Christ Deity.

I can of Myself do nothing. As I hear, I judge: and My judgement is righteous, because I do not seek My own will but the will of the Father who sent me.                                                                                                                                                 John 5:30

This scripture intertwines Christ with God and places Him together with the Holy Spirit. It pinpoints Jesus direct link with God. John elevates the Messiah oneness with God and teaches us the significance

Christ Discredits the Pharisees Knowledge of Moses

The last 17 verses continue Christ’s correction of God’s word. He reemphasizes Himself as God’s Son (John 5:31-37) and shows their hardened hearts (John 5:38-44). His stern speech erases centuries of impaired vision from understanding the Lord’s law.

Since the Pharisees accepted Moses but didn’t receive Christ, He called them out by exploiting their spiritual pride. Jesus brought Moses revelations to light and used them to bring forth their unfavorable faith (John 5:45). Another key point in those verses is Jesus revelation of their lack of love to God (John 5:42). He held nothing back and spoke boldly.

When I meditate over this chapter, it helps me understand God’s way of believing in Christ. I’m able to grasp Christ message and put my faith in His hands. It draws me closer to the Lord and aligns my will with Christ.

Given these points, it opens our eyes to the real markings of a believer in Jesus. The more we rely on Christ our consciousness with God increases. And to experience God’s living Spirit allows us to live in a world riddled with disbelief.

Unleashing The Power Of Christ

Unleashing the power of Christ demolishes Satan’s effort to turn us away from God. It’s important to realize placing Jesus as the centerpiece of our lives captures the Lord’s attention. And with God in control our future is eternal.

John’s 4th chapter starts with an uncommon meeting between Jesus (a Jew) and a woman from Samaria. Here John shows us the traditions of two different ethnic cultures that don’t mix with each other and do their best to avoid personal relations (John 4:9). But because it’s God who confronts her the traditions melt away.

This chapter exposes Christ as the way to eternal life and is the primary message from John. It begins with a powerful truth. Here Christ speaks of eternal life with a promise of filling the spiritual void caused by sin. He compares salvation with an endless delivery of refreshing water.

Think of it this way. When the body becomes neglected from a lack of water it suffers. Unlike food, water is more crucial for physical survival. The body can survive without food for roughly three weeks but needs water within a week.

Well, the same holds true in our spiritual existence. When we deprive ourselves of the spiritual nourishment Christ brings to our souls, it separates us from God’s grace. The first thing to remember is without the Lord’s favor we stay vulnerable to sin.

To align our spirits with God, then we must live in Christ. Since the Lord responds to those who humble themselves to Jesus, then our lives must illuminate His Spirit. And once we concede to this truth, our rebirth takes place (John 3:7).

Another key point in this chapter is Christ’s overpowering ability to convert the Samaritan woman into Christianity (John 4:1-26). Jesus unveiled her adulterous life (John 4:17-18), and she realized the unmistakable reality of Christ’s deity.

In her conversation with Christ, the reality of her sinfulness became undeniable. The truth Christ spoke to her changed the way she conceived God. As the result of Christ’s intervention, she was reborn (John 3:3).

Apostle John’s account of the Samaritan woman’s talk with Christ didn’t stop with her miracle. John showed another way of faith-proclamation. When she returned home and professed Christ to others, many accepted Him as God’s Son on her word. (John 4:39-42).

John’s narrative between Jesus and the Samaritan woman heightens our awareness of God’s eternal plan. Her transformation directly results from Christ’s power to change a person’s, heart. Likewise, we must follow the same path.

It’s in the details of this blueprint for salvation we discover God’s grace through Christ. Nothing pleases God more than to place our trust in Jesus. And once we abandon ourselves to Him God steps in and sanctifies our hearts!

A Spiritual Rebirth With Eternal Results

One of the most heartfelt experiences with Christ is the spiritual rebirth He gives to God’s faithful followers. Nothing God’s enemy offers matches being reborn. This emergence from darkness into eternal light aligns a believer’s spirit with God’s presence. And once Jesus connects us with God, we are no longer bonded to sin.

The reality of a rebirth shows up in John’s Gospel and nowhere else in the Bible. Here the Holy Spirit gave insight to John and shows the characteristic of salvation. As a matter of fact becoming reborn is God’s mercy from original sin.

Spiritual rebirth engulfs us in Christ’s wisdom leading to an unshakable understanding of God’s truth. Without this eternal knowledge, the door to heaven stays closed. But through abiding in Jesus our inheritance in the Lord’s kingdom is secure.

What Does Rebirth Mean?

The answer to this question isn’t hard. Reborn uncovers God’s truth. In John’s third chapter he captures this revelation in Jesus’s conversation with Nicodemus. When Christ explained the meaning behind this new outlook, He showed two key ingredients that mark a spiritual birth.

Baptism (John 3:5), and faith in Him (John 3:16) are the essentials of this spiritual awakening of God’s word.





In verse five Jesus mentions baptism as both in water and spirit.

God used John the Baptist to cleanse His people in the water (Matthew 3:11). This is an act of faith where a believer becomes willing to show a want for God. It’s important to realize God prepared the way for Christ through the christening of water.

A point often overlooked is repentance. It’s imperative to show God our remorseful behavior. He responds to a sincere effort to turn away from sin. It’s in our best interest to show God our love for Him by living in His purpose. Nothing is more pleasing to the Lord than picking up our cross (no matter how painful) and walk in His light.

Remember without repentance, forgiveness stays elusive.

The facts of God never change. He doesn’t deviate from His truth. And the baptism of the Spirit gives a most compelling evidence to this reality.

Faith in Christ brings everlasting results (John 3:17). As shown above John the Baptist prepare the way to Christ through water, likewise, Christ paves the way to salvation through the Holy Spirit. It’s in the Spirit of truth that God unleashes the power of His word.

Rebirth Effectiveness

Jesus made it known those who believe He is God’s son will avoid condemnation (John 3:18). Once we accept to our innermost self that Christ is the Son of man then God gravitates us to His Light. This Christian consciousness crushes sin and sanctifies the heart. Then we discover an inner peace only Christ can give.

On the positive side, living in Christ our deeds become intertwine in God’s sovereignty (John 3: 21). It’s a holy privilege to work for God so those around us come in contact with His grace.

The penalty for rejecting Christ as God’s Son is eternal darkness (John 3:19). Jesus leaves no doubt condemnation is a hardened heart engaged in evil deeds (John 3:20).

Nothing changed since Christ spoke this truth. We see wicked people carrying out evilness. For example, terrorism is a worldwide demonstration of men loving evil. It causes people to live in fear. Sexual immorality, bitterness, and hatred are other signs of people living in condemnation.

My Story

Before my rebirth, life became entangled in behavior unacceptable to God. I lived in a reprobate mindset unaware of the consequences of my unholy actions. My prideful intentions exposed a selfish way of living. And when I didn’t get my way, resentment, rage, and bitterness pushed others away.

This separation from Christ led to a lonely existence.

Thanks to God I am now reborn. Today I no longer live in spiritual isolation. Christ stepped in with the Holy Spirit and revolutionized my mind, heart, and soul. The impact the Holy Trinity makes keeps me devoted because nothing matches the calmness they bring to my inner-being.







I’m not perfect and do sin but the courage Jesus brings coupled with repentance never brings negative results. In, fact trials and tribulations are opportunities for growing faith. And the more I trust God the stronger I become in moving past temptations.

To sum it up, Christ’s gift of a rebirth is full of God’s grace. It’s in our experience with this truth we find a miraculous and joyful existence. The peace Jesus brings in our broken world illuminates the eternal hope God promises. Remember Christ never fails us!

What is your experience with rebirth?

Redemption Through God’s Lamb

God’s actions go beyond human comprehension, and in John’s Gospel, he exposes this truth in a magnificent way. When John the Baptist noticed Christ, he professed Him as the Lamb of God (John 1:29). Here the Lord uncovers His intention to sacrifice Jesus giving birth to redemption.

God chose John to unveil Christ as His Lamb. No other Gospel depicts Jesus as a lamb. In fact, the Lamb of God emerges in this Gospel and the Book of Revelation both written by John. This broadcast of God’s eternal plan to sacrifice His Son is the cornerstone of a Christian’s life.

As a matter of fact in Biblical times, a lamb played a crucial role in the relationship between God and His faithful believers. For example, the first Passover (Exodus 12:1-11), God chose a lamb to keep the Israelites protected from His tenth plague (Exodus 12:12). Here we gain insight into the Lord’s choice of a lamb as a mark of salvation.

The Origin of Sacrifice

Sacrifice is miraculous. The Old Testament is full of them. There are five major offerings mentioned in this section of the Bible. Burnt, grain, peace, sin, and trespass sacrifice are significant actions taught by God to glorify Him. Each of them unleashed God’s mercy and brought peace in their lives.

It’s astonishing to understand the way God rewarded our ancient relatives the Israelites. In their times of defying the Lord, He still welcomed their offerings. And in their sacrifices, He showed them love, harmony, grace, and justice.

God’s Lamb New Covenant

The moment God delivered Christ to the world His plan to offer Him as His personal sacrifice. This New Covenant (Hebrews 9:15) with humanity the Holy Spirit guides us and places us in Jesus’s hands. It’s important to realize Christ’s death and resurrection are the keys that unlock the door to God’s.

This altruistic act from God erases original sin and cleanses us from our transgressions. Remember the Lord’s Lamb took on the sins of the world and defeated Satan. God responds to those who accept Christ as His Redeemer.

When I meditate on God’s Lamb, it brings tears to my eyes. It captures my heart and puts perspective on salvation. This gives a most compelling evidence to God’s truth because my inner-being becomes filled with the Holy Spirit. And my gratitude for God intensifies heightening my consciousness of Christ presence.

As shown above, the essence of God’s salvation is His unwavering action to offer the death of Christ for the sake of humanity. This eternal truth is the gateway to heaven. Place your faith in Christ and experience God’s grace.

What is your experience with God’s Lamb?

John’s Revelation of Christ as God

John opens his Gospel with a fascinating revelation. He magnifies the truth of the one real God. This parallel with the first verse in Genesis (Genesis 1:1). Both scriptures leave no doubt that God created everything and governs over the earth.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1  

The first five verses of John’s Gospel give a most compelling evidence of Christ as God Himself. Those powerful statements smash man’s attempts to disprove God’s existence. Here, the Lord shows us Jesus’s place in heaven before He became human (John 1:2).

And those facts never change no matter how hard one tries to deny their truths.

Christ Present at Creation

When we inspect these magnificent scriptures, it captures God’s plan for Christ’s Deity. First, we become united with Jesus’s Spirit.

Verses two and three record Jesus with God from the start of creation. This revelation shows Christ’s truth as God because in the world and universe beginning God included Jesus.

He was with God in the beginning.   Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. John 1:2-3

God in His glory made everything through Christ. It’s tough to fathom this truth because in the Book of Genesis the origin of creation begins with God. Remember, with God nothing is impossible. In fact, accepting this reality is an act of faith. And with an unwavering trust in our Father Christ becomes the key to eternal life.

Now with this in mind,   we gain insight into God’s plan for humanity.

Christ the Eternal Light

The centerpiece in a Christian’s life is Jesus Christ and in verses four and five we grasp God’s reason for placing Him as His redeemer. Our first glimpse into understanding the Messiah’s role in God’s kingdom came in Adam and Eve’s disobedience (Genesis 3).

In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.  The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.  John 1:4-5

When sin entered the heart of humanity, a darkness engulfed the soul. And from this point forward temptation unleashed its power corrupting the mind.

No one is immune to the destruction sin causes in a person’s life. Both the believer and one who rejects God struggle with transgressions. And those who God saved understand the way out of the black hole of darkness is in Christ’s light.

When Jesus’s light enters the heart of a believer, it illuminates God’s truth. With this in mind, Christ makes our transition from darkness into eternal spiritual light a delightful proposition. And the greatest reward from this Light is freedom from the bondage of sin (John 8:32).

My Personal Story of Darkness

In my darkness, the fight for righteousness stayed dormant. I knew nothing of a selfless life because pride ruled my motives. Self-centeredness coupled with a reprobate mindset led to a life full of self-destruction. My intentions anchored in egocentric attitudes caused others to stay away leaving me lonely and isolated.

Besides my selfishness resentment, bitterness and rage became common reactions to life terms. I hated myself and spread this venom to others. Forgiveness stayed elusive keeping my soul in darkness.

Under those circumstances, my life continued to get worse.

But the day God shined Christ’s light on me everything changed. This transformation removed my blinders and awakened me to His reality. I’m grateful Christ is the Light of life because my vision is no longer centered in this world but in heaven.

As shown above John’s revelation of Christ’s life before conception shows us God is almighty. Our Father never leaves us and these five scriptures prove His love for humanity.

What is your experience with Christ’s Light?

Reliance on God Equals Serenity

The book of Proverbs reminds us to rely on the Lord instead of ourselves (Proverbs 3:5). A point often overlooked is a dependence upon God brings us an inner serenity and an eternal future with our Savior. Given these points reliance on God calms the storms of life leading to a peaceful existence.

It’s difficult to abandon oneself to God. Everything inside ourselves wants to go it alone. This instinct to rely on our own limited power isn’t new. In fact, it started the moment sin entered humanity.

We understand this truth from Adam and Eve’s fall from God’s grace (Genesis 3). Even though, Satan persuaded them to disobey God (Genesis 3:4) it shows the consequences from relying on oneself.

But God’s mercy provides a way out (2 Peter 3:9).

My Experience With Self-reliance

I know the fruitless results from living life without leaning on Christ. When I use my understanding of how to live in a broken world, the outcome isn’t satisfying. This places me in a position where I collide with God’s word and live in disobedience.

In my experience living a self-searching lifestyle, the courage needed to overcome temptation stays elusive. I find myself unable to meet life’s terms without sin. My inability to live free from the bondage of sin coupled with my powerlessness over it leads me to resentment, fear, and ungodliness.

And I know without Christ’s strength it gets worse.

Every day we come up close with the dangers of separating ourselves from Christ. We live in a world riddled with examples of evil deeds with wicked intentions. These sinful global occurrences give evidence to a life anchored in action unacceptable with God.

Leaving Christ out of our decision making the door to more problems swings open. Even in our Christian walk, this unintentional approach can cause us to stumble.

On the positive side, our experience in trusting God leads us to refocus our efforts and seek Jesus divine wisdom. And once we shift our hearts over to His care a peace unlike any other enters our inner-being.

Glorifying God Comes From Christ-reliance

One of the most favorable actions God looks for is glorifying Him. It doesn’t take much of exertion to praise Christ. The Lord’s recipe for salvation includes the ingredients of humility, sincerity, and willingness to live in Christ. Those three spiritual actions lead to heaven.

On the other hand, self-sufficiency glorifies individuality an act of pride and distasteful to Christ.

The antidote for self-reliance is improving our relationship with Christ. Since God made Jesus His entry into salvation, then it becomes our responsibility to surrender our personal agendas and live in His purpose. It’s important to realize the more we rely on Jesus the greater our ability to live acceptable in God’s eyes.

What are your experiences with reliance on Christ?


Christ as God Series: The Gospel of John

To absorb God’s Spirit, one must without reservations accept Christ as His Savior. This holds true throughout each of the four Gospels. And the Gospel of John he identifies Christ as one inseparable from God (John 10:30).

John engages us with Christ’s unbreakable link to the Holy Trinity. Throughout his Gospel, he records the details of how God made Christ the way into His kingdom (John 14:6).

John shows us Christ as God.

Over the next several weeks we will walk through John’s Gospel.

John opens his gospel by showing us God’s plan for Christ’s deity (John 1:1-5). In those five verses, everything one needs to know of God’s truth of Jesus Christ emerges. It’s in these scriptures our Father discloses the knowledge of salvation.

In the Gospels, we find similar events outlining Jesus’s ministry. For example, they uncover the power of Christ through His miracles. In fact, Christ’s first miracle shows up in John’s Gospel and not the others. (John 2:1-12)

The overall view from John is the relationship between Christ and God.  Most of his accounts capture the way Christ places us in God’s hands. It’s here we discover Jesus as the Lamb of God (John 1:29-34). This leaves no doubt the Lord’s plan to sacrifice His Son and open the door to eternal life.

Another key point in John’s Gospel is the way Jesus illuminates the Holy Spirit. This is best depicted in Chapter 14. Here, God unveiled the power of Holy Spirit. And through Christ, He unleashes the courage to live on the narrow way (Matthew 7:13-14).

John displays the Messiah strength over sin (John 8:1-12), the significant of proclaiming Him as Savior (John 4:39) and the meaning behind rebirth (John 3:1-21). Given these points, it’s crucial for us to pick up our cross and walk in His Light.

This Gospel ends with a fascinating truth concerning Christ’s Sovereignty.

“Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.” John 21:25

John’s Gospel gives a most compelling evidence to the God’s plans for an eternal existence. I invite you to join me and share your experience, strength, and hope from your faith in Christ.