Christ’s Resurrection Unveiled God’s Final Plan

God unveiled His promise of an eternal life free from sin through Christ’s resurrection. This assurance of a life spent in spiritual bliss isn’t a theory but a reality to those who live in Christ. And a believer understands this truth because God’s Living Spirit gives them the courage to live holy in a world riddled with evilness.

When I ponder over the great Resurrection, it brings me joy knowing God amended Adam and Eve’s disobedience (Genesis 3:22). It’s important to realize this undeniable event transformed my life into God’s light. So without understanding Christ’s rising from the dead my spiritual life stays elusive.

When Jesus unfolded God’s plan for the end of His time on earth (John 2:19), it set in motion the reality of Christ’s death, resurrection, and ascension. Those who heard Him speak on these events became confused. They imagined He meant destroying the physical building and rebuilding it in three days.

With this in mind, we must accept God’s temple is Christ Himself. Those present when Jesus spoke of the resurrection couldn’t grasp the Lord’s unique way of redemption. Yet when Mary Magdalene saw the open tomb and God’s angel told her the news of the resurrected King, she became overjoyed (Matthew 28:1-10)

We are fortunate for Matthew’s recording of Christ’s rising from the dead. Because when the actual resurrection occurred and the Roman soldiers shared this news with the chief priests they bribed them (Matthew 28:12). Then instructed them to use dishonesty and blame the Disciples for stealing His body (28:13-14).

Under those circumstances, a web of doubt engulfed those alive during this significant interaction with God’s plan of salvation. For example, the Apostle Thomas refused to believe Christ arose from the dead until he touched the wounds of Christ’s body (John 20:24-26).

Not much has changed since those ancient days. Many people reject the resurrection. They cling to individualism rooted in self-searching motives. Everlasting life isn’t their focus because they live in the here and now. And they live a fast-paced existence missing out on the spiritual nature of life.

In the past, I recoiled from the Lord. My outlook on Him was one of disbelief. I spent every day spewing my agnostic venom on others. Even in those dark times, God had plans for me to partake in His Son’s resurrection. I the hope your experience with the Great Commission captures your faith in a profound way.

In summary, God’s exposure to Christ’s resurrection gives us an endless delivery of grace. It’s in this powerful act of the Lord we become purposeful and spiritual useful in proclaiming the Gospel. Now with our newfound wisdom, we can live in this broken world.

How do you live in the resurrection?

On the Other Side of Sin

On the other side of sin is a miraculous place where God’s presence comes alive. You know it’s God, since nothing matches His divine holiness. It’s a unique and extraordinary phase of consciousness. This peaceful, loving and exhilarating connectedness is the essence of God.

And His Spirit inspires you to draw closer to Him.

One of the brightest signs of living past sin is experiencing God’s incredible compassion. God’s love is exceptional, and His forgiveness is unbelievable. The Lord is remarkable in the way He shows mercy. Even when we fall short and stay faithful, He embraces us with His awesome grace. We are blessed to have a faithful Creator.

To live free from the bondage of sin takes a firm spiritual foundation. This truth is unavoidable. The Bible gives testimony to the freedom from its paralyzing grip and the spiritual death of an unsaved soul.

Without Christ, no one can overcome the evil effects sin causes to the human spirit (John 12:46).  


God makes Himself visible to every human (Romans 1:18-21). Our Father loves His children and wants each of us to hear His call (Titus 2:11). God’s original calling is but a beginning. Understanding His truth takes a lifetime of commitment, selfless service and an unwavering trust in His sovereignty.

Salvation teaches us faith needs nurturing (1 Peter 2:2), and a faith filled with Christ’s nutrients bears eternal fruits. Christ is the gateway to receiving our inheritance promised by God (1 Peter 1: 3-5). Once a person relies on Christ, then God’s Spirit becomes the permanent anchor for a life without the need to sin.

It’s not easy living in the flesh. The world is full of temptations. God’s enemy uses the lusts of the world as a way to trap his prey. The devil’s web of deception lures the unsuspecting soul into the emptiness of false promises (Genesis 3:2-5). Then when a person takes his bait, the reality to its fruitlessness shows up in disappointing results. This leads to eternal damnation and causes significant conflict with God.  


The narrow way (Matthew 7:13-14) is where we find Christ and discover spiritual courage. On our own we can’t live away from sin and become righteous in front of God. Righteousness is the measuring stick of a secure life where living holy takes preference over personal interests.

It’s through Christ’s strength we can deny ourselves, live apart from sin and stay in God’s favor.

Sometimes I struggle to live on the straight and narrow. I give in to temptations and suffer the spiritual consequences. For example, when I gossip and judge someone my conscience lets me know I’m in the wrong. Salvation makes sin uncomfortable and until I repent my soul continues to suffer. Pride, lust, bitterness brings the same results.

The good news is when I sin and confess it to Christ, then God shows me the way to right the wrong. And the neat thing Christ brings to my life is holiness. I’m grateful for the way Christ corrects my disobedience and brings me in alignment with God’s commandments.

One of the greatest revelations of God’s truth is the hope Christ secures to faithful believers. Christ, committed no sin (1 Peter 2:21-22), and God’s saving grace sanctifies our sinfulness. Here our belief goes beyond understanding and into an eternal confidence. Christ’s sacrifice made this possible.

Our spiritual awakening to a life away from sin is marvelous. We have touched on a few attributes Christ brings to our lives. A life centered in God brings a lifetime of enjoyment. Each of us gives testimonies to God’s forgiveness and Christ’s cleansing of our souls. Salvation transforms us from sinfulness into holiness and we are living examples to His kingdom. May we never forget God’s gift of salvation.