Humanity’s Greatest Joy

God brings the greatest joy known to humanity. His incredible way of delivering us happiness in a world full of tragedy is uplifting. He sends serenity in times of distress and through Christ we find inner-peace. Even though we may become disturbed the hope God gives keeps us spiritually balanced. Behind every blessing, we find God’s joy.

The connection between Christ and enjoying life isn’t an accident. God’s designed plan included receiving joy in His spiritual gifts. Since our Father placed Christ as His centerpiece, then real happiness radiates through our personal relationship with His Son. The joy Christ brings isn’t short-lived but never ending.

I’m grateful for God because Christ has changed my life. Every day is a new beginning and God is watching the way I awake to its opportunity. I try my best upon awakening to focus my thoughts on God. This gives me the best start to the day and leads me to a joyous beginning. I’m not perfect. I stumble and drift away. But the moment I realize it, humble myself before God then Christ steps in and showers me with God’s love.

The link between spiritual life and joyfulness is God’s powerful way of showing us the treasures of heaven. Christ makes following God an enjoyable and exceptional experience. Nothing the world offers comes near the happiness God gives to His faithful followers.

My lips will shout for joy when I sing praises to you; my soul also, which you have redeemed (Psalm 71:23).

Are you experiencing God’s joy?