Loving God with the Heart

Love is the most sought after human experience. Everyone wants to receive love since it brings us incredible joy. Unlike any other emotion, love touches us in the most heartfelt way. This peaceful and serene spiritual connection is in every person and created by God. Nothing in God’s kingdom is designed by accident because He is love.

“He who does not love does not love God, for God is love,” (1 John 4:8).

Loving God with the heart isn’t complicated. It’s simple yet without Christ it’s elusive. Throughout the Old Testament, God used Prophets to show the Israelites’ how to find themselves with His kingdom. But they couldn’t stay faithful and lived in constant disobedience. Their hearts corrupted by sin blocking out God’s Light and keeping them from obedience. And when God gave them Christ they crucified Him. It’s in the way our ancient ancestors followed God that we get an up close picture of an unloving heart.


Conformity is one of God’s best spiritual gifts. When we conform our lives over to God’s commands, then we are showing Him our loving heart. And by humbling ourselves over to Christ’s care, our loyalty to God’s rules is strengthened. Remember our flesh is weak but our spirits will stay firm on God’s words (Matthew 26:41).

God’s forgiveness opens the door to your new heart and its Christ’s death and resurrection that purifies the heart. And with God’s new covenant (Hebrews 9:14-15) in place then you can love Him with your heart. It’s here where God wants to love through Christ. Jesus is God’s greatest love for us and by becoming a part of Christ’s body, we become sons of God (Galatians 3:26). And what an honor to be called God’s son or daughter!


Repentance is an excellent example of a loving heart for God. One of the biggest complaints unbelievers have is witnessing a Christian, who isn’t willing to repent. I’m not saying repentance is easy, or we don’t sin (Romans 3:23). But when a Christian proclaims Christ and doesn’t show God remorse for disobedience then their lives don’t show a saved soul.

Real repentance is admitting our disobedience to God followed by a sincere effort to make personal sacrifices unpopular to the world but acceptable with Christ. It’s our actions after confessing the sin that shows those around us if we love God.

With our new hearts, we enjoy serving Christ and obeying God. It’s the way Christ loves us that inspires us to live a life devoted to God. Christ is an incredible gift from God, and we can’t afford to miss out on heaven. Jesus’s love is infinite and never goes away. The best way we can love God is submitting ourselves to Christ and stay active in spreading His Good News.