The Power of the Holy Spirit

When God saves a soul by His grace, then He gives the gift of the Holy Spirit. God has blessed us with a strength beyond our own where sin flees, and His love radiates through our hearts. This happened not by our choice but from Christ.

Sin is tough since it destroys our relationship with God. Each of us understands the way sin takes us away from righteousness. God never stops providing us a way out of the original sin (Romans 1:18-21), and the Holy Spirit gives evidence to God’s unconditional compassion.

Jesus Christ supplied the 12 Disciples with God’s Spirit (John 14:15-18). This is how they could carry the Gospels after Christ’s Ascension into heaven. Christ taught the Apostle many spiritual truths. God knew it wasn’t possible for them to remember those and provided them with the Spirit of Truth (John 14:26). And God has given us the same Spirit.

The Holy Spirit guides us in God’s will. We do not remove sin from our lives, but Jesus does, and His death gave life to God’s promise of salvation. Without God’s Spirit, our self-destructive behavior will leave us in eternal darkness.


Spiritual death is damnation, and the Holy Bible is full of scriptures attesting to those facts. Anyone can deny these truths, but a Spirit-fed life knows the reality of God’s will. God leaves no excuses, and it’s not by accident He has taken your hand.

And the Holy Spirit allows us to avoid the traps keeping us in spiritual blindness.

On the other side of sin is an awesome place where God’s presence comes alive. Nothing matches God’s divine holiness. It’s a unique and extraordinary phase of consciousness. This peaceful, loving and exhilarating connection is the essence of God. Christ holds the key to this path (John 14:6).

The Holy Spirit doesn’t come without personal responsibility. Salvation isn’t a free pass, and we have to be an active participant in living our lives in God’s kingdom. This means we have to repent, and the courage in overcoming sins comes from the Holy Spirit. God inspires us to make amends for our wrongs and live holy.

A Spirit-filled life wants to live free from the bondage of sin. One of the greatest gifts from the Lord is the ability to pause when sin enters the mind and surrender that thought over to Christ. Here a courage beyond our human one stops those thoughts and redirects our minds. Then, as the result of the Holy Spirit, we find ourselves united with God and Christ. We act in holiness instead of reacting to life’s terms in sin.

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Before God saved me, my life was full of deception, immorality, and selfish motives. I was unaware of the ways sin caused me to hurt others. My behaviors weren’t spiritual since I didn’t have compassion for anyone. Pride kept me away from selflessness and always took credit for God’s attributes.

I defiled myself since my tongue was full of viciousness. My reputation was untrustworthy, and I expected to receive praise for being generous. I became a drunkard, and this caused mental, spiritual and physical problems.

In the midst of this turmoil, God blessed me with His mercy and saved me from evil. Today I’m grateful for His gift of salvation and being chosen to experience His Spirit. My transformed life comes from the Holy Spirit. I no longer have to live a sinful life since Christ’s presence is alive inside my soul.


God gives faithful believers the same gift. We are united in the Holy Spirit to spread the Gospel of Christ. Our love bonded in God’s Spirit keeps us motivated to live holy. We welcome the opportunities God gives to grow in the image of Christ. God separates Himself from the world and to make this known to His children is the reason he anoints us with the Holy Spirit.



God’s Security in Times of Uncertainty

One of the most profound Christian awakenings is knowing the security God brings in the uncertainty of life. Once the Lord sees the faithfulness of His follower, then He steps in and provides the strength to overcome insecurities. Nothing is greater than God.

God has no competition, and nothing matches His grace. This incredible experience of God’s mighty power leaves no doubt to His existence. Once the Lord anoints you with the Holy Spirit, everything in your life changes.

The first thing to remember is God never leaves a believer guessing (Philippians 4:13). His truths are known to everyone (Romans 1:20), but understanding them is granted to His chosen ones.


For one thing, everyone faces times of uncertainty. The world is full of inconsistency. This has been true ever since man fell from God’s favor. And the way out of this predicament is trusting God’s eternal plan.

Until a person places God as the source of life, then the world’s lusts will leave him in spiritual darkness. The bondage of sin plagues an unsaved soul, keeping it away from God’s eternal light. God’s enemy uses sin as a tool in destroying the Lord’s creation and unless God shows mercy heaven is out of reach.

But God’s good news is He wants to save everyone (1 Timothy 2:4). And God is found in Christ (John 15:4).

Today, I’m faced with one of those uncertain times. My employer is outsourcing work, and this will end my days on their payroll. I’m powerless over their decision and have to face the reality of the problem. And God has given me an opportunity to respond to this in a holy way (James 1: 2-8).

When the company announced the news of hiring an outside enterprise to take over their warehouse operations, it changed the morale of many workers. Every day rumors spread based on assumptions and not facts. I noticed many of my coworkers were afraid of the unknown.

It was tempting for me to join in and speak negatively of the disturbing news. But my faith in God prevailed, and Christ prevented me from engaging in false accusations.

Before God saved me, my reaction to life’s terms anchored in bitterness, revenge and resentments. Negative news that affected my personal interest fueled my self-righteous indignation.  My behavior caused people to push me away leaving me isolated in misery. This sinful living caused me tremendous loneliness. I hated life and wanted to die.



It brings me great joy to share with you God has freed me from unnecessary sin. When God introduced me to Christ, my life changed. God granted me a way out of my sinful way (repentance), and Christ cleansed my soul. The Holy Spirit provided me the wisdom in knowing the truth about salvation and disbelief. Here God showed me His truth and placed me on the road to heaven. I’m grateful God got my attention.

As the result of trusting God, my loss of employment doesn’t have devastating consequences. The company has offered severance pay to help in the transition. Christ has secured my several options in finding future employment. God has shown me the actions to take in finding work and Christ has provided me the courage to move beyond fear.

Praise-the-Lord-PraiseI know everything will turn out the way God intends. My confidence isn’t wishful thinking, but a reliance on Christ. God teaches me to be diligent in my devotions by relying on Him every day regardless of the circumstances. When I do it God’s way, everything works out. God’s grace blesses me, and I cherish alone time with Him.

Christ will secure you in uncertain times. Sometimes the answers aren’t what we prefer, and this may be hard to accept, but God knows what’s best. The key to finding peace during troubled times is asking Christ for guidance, waiting for His response and acting on the command. Do those three actions and experience the strength of Christ!