Trust Unveils the Power of God

Trust is confidence anchored in faith. This five-letter and one syllable word bring both positive and negative results. Experiencing the trustworthiness of another person we discover integrity. A breach of trust causes emotional, mental and spiritual harm.

The good news is trusting in God with the heart unveils a powerful strength beyond the ordinary. It’s with God we overcome the damage caused by Adam and Eve’s disobedience. In fact, our faith in Christ redeems us and God welcomes us in His kingdom.

Remember, without Christ, God is unavailable, and it’s impossible to turn away from sin (John 14:6).

In Proverbs 3:5, God invites us to trust Him. Here He commands us to place our wills in His hands. The Lord instructs us to humble ourselves through reliance on Him.

This means spending private time in prayer and meditation. It’s important to realize, God watches the way we approach Him, and it’s unwise to slight our personal obligation with Him. Because filling the spiritual void caused by sin comes from Jesus.

One of the greatest demonstration of devotion is trust. For example, when we find ourselves in distress over life’s terms and exert ourselves in Christian principles then this shows God our trust. Even though it may take time for God to respond our willingness to seek Him isn’t unnoticed. Our Father hears our petitions.

Another way of trusting God is taking spiritual actions and leaving the results for Christ to work out. Dependence on Christ in every circumstance of life pleases God. This works and brings an inner peace unlike any other. Given these points, it’s easy to understand Jesus gives serenity in midst of trouble.

Each of our experience with faith proves Christ never fails us. The moment we surrender our lives over to His care our trust grows. A point often overlooked is the strength Christian trust has in overcoming adversity. As the result of applying this crucial spiritual attribute our ability to rejoice in tribulations increases.

As shown above, trust in God and unveil the power of Christ!

Ruth Sanctified Through God’s Mercy

God never fails to redeem. In fact, one of the most powerful examples is Ruth. In the Book of Ruth, we see the mercy of the Lord. Here, God sanctified a woman from the cursed nation of Moab. This country didn’t glorify the Father and became non-existent (Isaiah chapters 15-16).

Ruth’s transformation is fascinating. Her connection to God came through Naomi. She was Ruth’s mother-in-law. And through the deaths of Naomi’s husband and sons, she returned home. So back to Bethlehem, Judah with Ruth by her side.

In chapter one verse 16 we discover Ruth’s, heart. God works through others to bring His light to the surface. Here she became willing to sacrifice everything taught to her from the past and believe in God. She turned away from the beliefs instilled in her upbringing.

But Ruth replied, “Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.

                                                                                      Ruth 1:16 NIV

When Ruth spoke those words, we find repentance in her last four words. It’s important to realize when she turned away from her past and professed the God of Naomi’s as the real God then her life changed. This shows Ruth’s acceptance of the Father and He brought her into His Kingdom.

Once she became God’s child then He placed her in Boaz life. The Lord rewarded Ruth with an abundance of prosperity both in spirit and physical essentials. This is a most compelling evidence in how God interacts with faithful followers.

Another focus of this book is the kinsman-redeemer ( a law of the Pentateuch. In the Old Testament times, a Jewish responsibility for a male relative is helping family members who need help. Naomi the widow of Elimelech needed this help. And Ruth is rewarded by giving birth to Obed the grandfather of David.

This short book shows us God’s indisputable faithfulness. It depicts His willingness to give to those who glorify His name. Each of us understands God wants us to turn away from temptation and follow His commands. Given these points, God never fails us.

The Gateway in Finding God’s Favor

God calls on us to live in His purpose. This divine privilege is one with eternal bliss. It’s important to realize; nothing is more pleasing to the Lord than for us to give Him our undivided attention. For this reason, mercy and truth are the gateways in finding favor with God.

And in the Third Chapter of Proverbs, we discover a heightened display of spiritual awareness necessary to find favor in His eyes.

In verses three and four God shows us the keys to a promise intertwined in His love. Here He defines living in mercy and truth as the way to connect with His Spirit. Since our Father shows us mercy and discloses His truth to us through Christ, then we must do the same to those around us.

The first thing to remember is to illuminate our walk with God by devoting ourselves to Christ. It’s in Jesus we find the strength to show mercy to others and live in spiritual truth. Our Messiah is the force behind an active faith anchored in God’s word.

How can we keep mercy and truth?

Mercy is forgiveness in disguise. The more we abandon our urge to hold onto to hurt feelings caused by other’s sin and forgive them, then, our ability to express mercy increases. It easy to pardon those we love from their transgression. But God watches the way we treat those we dislike.

Truth is an unwavering action of showing righteousness and standing firm on God’s word. It goes beyond simple honesty because the effort involved to live in God’s truth takes commitment. This conscious exertion to follow God’s commands under every circumstance gets the Lord attention. And through our faithfulness, He embraces us with His affection.

With this in mind, we understand it’s crucial to live in mercy and truth. Christ gives us many opportunities throughout the day to forgive and live in spiritual integrity. And the way we abide in those Christian attributes is reliance on Christ.

The greater our dependence on Jesus the stronger our faith grows, and we radiate a life filled with God’s grace.

How does God show us a favor?

The answer to this question is experiencing the Holy Spirit. God makes adhering to His will a cherished and inspiring connectedness. Nothing the world offers matches the way God delivers His love to those willing to surrender their personal plans for His purpose.

For example, when we show mercy to those around us then the Lord gives us an inner peace coupled with His unconditional love. This union between God and us leaves no doubt His approval for our obedience to treat others with fairness. In return, our lives transform into one entangled in His word.

Likewise, living in the Father’s truth builds an unshakable trust in Christ. It’s in accepting Truth we can live steadfast in faith with a purposeful existence. And when others reject us for our obedience to God’s reality our faith strengthens. Again the Lord fills our lives with His Living Spirit.

Another reward from maintaining a life centered in mercy and truth is the attraction we receive from others. In fact, God makes sure those coming in contact with our obedience understand His sanctification in our lives. This places us in a position to be useful in carrying Christ’s Gospel of redemption.

This gives a most compelling evidence in the way God interacts with us. Our perseverance to grow in His purpose pays big dividends. On the positive side as we continue to show mercy and live in God’s will He engulfs us with an abundance of favor.

Christ the Reality of Heaven

Imagine a place full of peace and filled with love. A home rich in spirit and deep in affection. An inhabitant brimming with kindness and overflowing with grace. Well, this residence exists and in Christ, we discover the reality of heaven.

God makes a believer’s life one worthy to receive His grace and sanctified through salvation in Jesus. Even in this broken world, the Lord brings us relief from the spiritual pain sin causes to our hearts. In fact, Christ gives us the Holy Spirit, and this allows us to live free on a planet anchored in wickedness.

Once we abandon our personal agenda and pick up our cross, then a glimpse of eternal life enters our lives. God wants us to experience His Spirit so we can find serenity while we live on the corrupted earth. Likewise, Christ comforts us from Satan’s cunning ways.

When I meditate on heaven, it makes me excited. Besides the obvious of meeting Christ and glorifying God the company the Lord puts me in is astonishing. Every one of those men and women of the Bible God saved awaits me.

I’m grateful to God for including me with His elite trusted servants.

The moment God saved us our affiliation with those incredible people of the Bible emerged.

In the Old Testament Abraham, Moses, Isaiah, Habakkuk, Job, and Micah are there to welcome us. Ruth, Esther, Sarah, Leah, Rachel, and Deborah are there to embrace us with love. Those are a few of many God’s chosen ones before His deliverance of Christ.

Switching over to the New Testament our alliance continues. Peter, Thomas, Bartholomew, Andrew and the other seven original Disciples watch for our ascension into heaven. In like manner, Mary of Magdalen, Martha, Sapphira, Anna, and Phoebe look for our coming.

Wow God joins us with an exceptional list of faithful followers. This is not of our making but a gift from Him through our willingness to accept Christ as His entry into heaven. As shown above, our family is impressive!

Who are you most looking forward to meeting in heaven?


Christ Removes God’s Mystery

The greatest mystery of humanity is God’s existence. Throughout the ages, humans struggle with accepting the Lord as the creator and ultimate authority over the universe. In fact, many people collide with the Father’s truth. They create absurd concepts anchored in self-centered intellect trying to disprove God’s Living Spirit.

For example, Darwinism is a popular choice that may people take as the reason for our existence. This theory of evolution captures the minds of unstable souls leading to a belief of uncertainty. Charles Darwin believed creation came from random chance and mutations. Here he tries to convince others God doesn’t exist because everything in the universe is aimless without purpose.

The most compelling evidence of God’s presence is experiencing the Holy Spirit. No mystery lies behind the Lord’s breath of life because His Son Jesus Christ is the key to God’s wisdom. Remember, the Messiah is God’s kingdom and solves the debate over creation.

In my dark days, the confusion over God’s truth kept His word mystery. I lived life my way, and the road of self-destruction engulfed my spirit. My outlook on existence involved constant sinning and unnecessary suffering. Understanding a spiritual life was nil.

Under those circumstances, the Lord stayed silent. He knew the precise time when I became ready to hear His voice. It took physical, mental and spiritual bankruptcy to bring me to His doorstep. I reached the point of desperation, hopelessness and then God stepped in and comforted me with His compassion.

As soon as He called on me, everything changed.

The Lord saved my life, introduced me to Christ and removed the mystery of His kingdom. I’m grateful for His gift of salvation.

It’s in Christ we discover God. Until one turns away from sin and follows Christ as God’s way, then eternal life stays a mystery. To unveil God’s wisdom comes from reliance on Christ without reservations. We must concede to our innermost selves Christ as God’s salvation.

Once you find Christ, then the resolution to God’s mystery fades away, and access to spiritual knowledge with a power greater than temptation emerges. This courage to turn away from sin isn’t found within ourselves. Because it’s important to realize without Jesus, no one can live free from the bondage of self.

In the Epistle of Paul to the Colossians, it gives the best description of unlocking the mystery of God. Apostle Paul shares this with us.

“The mystery which has been hidden from ages and from generations, but now has been revealed to His saints. To them, God willed to make known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles: which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.”  (Colossians 1:26-27 NKJV)

Given these points, it leaves no doubt God placed Christ as the one who solves the riddle of His sovereignty. Through God’s grace, our spiritual understanding increases and we find His the truth.

What are your thoughts on God’s mystery?

Abide in Christ and Discover Eternal Life

Christ is never unwilling to give to those who abide in Him. One of God’s greatest truth is knowing Jesus as His Son and taking action on Christ’s commandments. In fact, nothing pleases God more than living for Christ’s purpose. And the rewards from the Lord by following the Messiah are an endless delivery of divine grace, mercy, and love.

Salvation isn’t a theory. Ask someone who God saved and you’ll discover a powerful conviction to His truths. The saved person tells you nothing matches living in Christ. It’s the most profound experience anyone can have with God!

The Lord made a person’s life spiritually whole full of purpose and filled with meaning. To get this precious gift then faith in Christ is God’s preference. Without abiding in Jesus the strength of God stays elusive. But when you concede in Christ, the courage to live holy overtakes the lusts of the flesh.

The first thing to remember is God’s salvation plan starts with His grace through faith in Christ. Make no mistake, my friend, without Jesus eternal life with God stays at bay.

Christ said:

“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6)






I remember my life before God introduced me to Christ. Prideful ambitions coupled with the chains of sin caused me tremendous suffering. My self-searching motives engulfed me in selfish behavior leading me to an isolated and lonely existence. Everything evolved around me leaving no room for selflessness.

This lifestyle bonded me to a life anchored in self-reliance and the inability to resolve problems reserved for Christ. My self-will run wild led me to a life full of turmoil and filled with relentless troubles.

It brings me great joy the transformation Christ instilled in me changed everything. I no longer rely on myself and as the result of abiding in Christ the freedom from sin is noticeable.

The Spirit of God entered my heart and the wisdom to understand His will is visible. This improved outlook upon my existence revolutionized my knowledge of Christ. For example, I discovered a love unlike any I’ve known. Likewise, a compassion for others emerged and spirit connects with the tribulations experienced by people.

Abide in Christ connects us to God. And a conscious contact with the Father leads to eternal life. The Lord’s grace is the reason we live in Christ.

How do you abide in Christ?

God’s Final Chapter: Christ’s Ascension

God never fails to keep His promise and Christ’s Ascension into heaven shows His action to make it known. No greater display of God’s love for humanity matches the return of Christ back to the Lord’s right hand. In fact, the Ascension completed Christ’s physical reign on earth and God’s final chapter.

Jesus’s departure from the world marks the start of God’s final chapter of salvation. Two-thousand and seventeen years ago this incredible act of God unfolded and paved the way to Christ’s second coming. With this in mind, we must expand our knowledge of Christ, so we don’t become complacent in faith and live in infinite darkness.

The moment Jesus took His seat at God’s right hand this demolished Satan’s power. The Ascension overtook the devil’s domain setting in motion God’s ultimate power over His kingdom. And it erased Adam’s original sin.

A point often overlooked is how Christ’s arrival back to heaven makes Him God’s intercessor. When Jesus taught His ministry on earth, He took the form of man, and everyone saw Him. But His Ascension transfigured Him from flesh to a Living Spirit. Now sitting next to God He intercedes for the Lord’s chosen ones.

The Son of Man in His glorious consciousness makes us worthy to receive the Holy Spirit. As a matter of fact without Christ’s intercession, our spiritual lives stay incomplete. In Jesus, we become holy and favorable in God’s eyes. This remarkable connection with our Messiah smashes the devil’s intentions of turning us away from God.

In the Old Testament times, God used the Holy Spirit to keep His trusted servants (Prophets) focused on carrying His word to the Israelites. They became a liaison between humanity and God. But with God’s new covenant Christ is an anchor to everlasting life.

Christ commands us to ask Him for help (John 14:12-14),   and the ascension made this possible. Without Christ’s help, we stay oppressed. But with Him as our Savior, we become transformed into a child of God. And this keeps us united in God’s kingdom.

When I meditate on Christ’s return to God, it brings me great joy. For me, it’s important to realize my eternal inheritance is how earnest I am in denying myself and letting Jesus guide my life. Even in my imperfections Jesus never fails to give me with God’s daily bread. All I have to do is continue seeking and follow the commands of the Lord.

What does Christ’s Ascension mean to you?