Carrying God’s Message

The world is full of messages. Most of them centered in ideas where self-serving objectives are expressed to encourage personal excellence. They highlight human attributes and use self-reliance as the primary means of getting success. This communication is selfish because it leaves out the greatest news known to humanity—God’s truth.

A carrier of God’s message begins with understanding His language. It’s imperative for us to hear the Lord’s call because without knowing His dialog our ears miss His voice. Once we become receptive to God’s speech, we receive His message.

What is God’s message?

The most prominent part of His announcement is heaven. Yes, salvation is, God’s ultimate truth, but He has other valuable words for us to digest (1 Peter 3:8-12).

In my journey with God, He has shown me two vital Christian actions crucial to salvation. They are love and forgiveness. When God saved me, He let me experience His love and forgiveness. This purification of my heart placed me in His church (Christ’s Body) and made me worthy to carry His message of eternal hope. I now know God wants me to show the same mercy to others (Luke 6:36).


Love: God’s Greatest Message

Love is God’s most cherished emotion. His greatest demonstration of love was sacrificing Christ’s life sparing us from spiritual death. God’s unconditional compassion for humanity paved the way for eternal life. Christ holds love as God’s top commandments (Matthew 22:34-40).

Once we receive God’s love, then it becomes our responsibility to express it to others. This includes loving people we despise because real love is letting God judge those who disobey. It’s in loving difficult people we are most effective in sharing Christ’s compassion because Christian action speaks volume sin God’s eyes.


Spreading God’s message of love is the finest way of comforting others because we embrace them with Christ’s compassion. And with Christ’s affection that makes living in a world riddled with hatred worthwhile. God has given us this gift of love to help others live a better life. But the most rewarding experience of loving others is receiving God’s promise of covering our sins (1 Peter 4:8)

I have struggled to love uncaring people. Every time Christ gives me the opportunity to love disturbed people, and I fail it cuts me off from God’s spirit. This causes my heart to harden and my faith fades away. When I behave this way, I’m showing God my prideful intentions. And the more I stay unwilling to love them the tougher it becomes to stay focused on living holy. But, the moment I repent (Matthew 5:44), God steps in and blesses me with His grace.

I’m grateful to share with you those times when I don’t love are becoming less frequent. God is awesome!

Forgiveness: Christ’s Ultimate Sacrifice

Forgiveness is high on Christ’s list of commandments. God made forgiveness as significant as love. Remember, Christ’s death, resurrection, and ascension forgave us for sin. Christ is the way God forgives us, and now it’s our turn to do likewise. It’s in forgiving others we receive God’s pardon for our sins (Matthew 6:14).


One way God communicates is through forgiveness and the benefits He hands out for forgiving others shows up in a remarkable way. The biggest dividend in letting go of hurt feelings is the peace Christ releases inside our spirits. Forgiveness prevents bitterness from hijacking our hearts and removes personal conflict with our neighbors. This is a great freedom.

As God’s messenger, our lives must show others a regenerated spirit where sin takes a backseat and living in Christ body becomes our primary focus. God’s invitation to join His Church (Jesus) holds us accountable to His standards. Our faith makes us acceptable to God and in return our conviction must radiate the internal holiness Christ brings into our hearts. Remember, God has called us to become Christ’s sheep and granted us the privilege to carry His message.


Salvation A Rich and Wealthy Inheritance

God never fails to enrich the lives of His children. The wealth our Father brings to faithful followers is incredible. When the Lord gives His grace, it’s a rich experience. Nothing matches the fruits of Christ. He paid the price for our wealthy gain. We owe everything to Jesus.

Both the Old and New Testament record the spiritual rewards God grants those favorable in His eyes. See our Father is never absent and saves humans. He has been doing this since the fall of Adam and Eve. His love is impeccable, undeniable and exhilarating. We are privileged to be invited to the greatest wealth known to man. And this honor isn’t earned but given by our Lord.

God’s gift of salvation opens the door to a treasure chest so rich in His Spirit it goes beyond the earth. This infinite fortune is in Christ’s body. Trusting in Jesus unlocks a generous supply of spiritual food. And Our Father will do wonders with the smallest quantity of faith.

What are Christ’s riches?

Jesus is full of prosperity. Our Savior greatest wealth is heaven. When Christ suffered and died, God opened an everlasting life beyond the flesh. We are fortunate to be chosen. Most people ignore the Lord’s call. But those who accept Him receives a spiritual wisdom so wealthy nothing can overtake its bond. When you tap into Christ’s knowledge, God’s enemy flees.


Our Father fulfills His promises and picking a single one is tough. One of the most enlightening revelations to our Father’s remarkable reality is in Apostle Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians. Paul’s incredible insight to God’s astonishing affection for His children is.

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ, just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love, having predestined us to adoption as sons by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will to the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He made us accepted in the Beloved. (Ephesians 1:3-6)

God chose you before creation, and this scripture points out His reason. Here the Lord’s love places us in Christ’s body where we receive spiritual gifts from our Savior. Before our physical birth, God planned our inheritance to His kingdom. Since Jesus is the path to heaven; our Father’s grace purified our hearts through His tender affection. This cleansing separated us from sin and made us acceptable to our Messiah. And God’s goodness makes glorifying Him a valuable experience.

for-so-an-entrance-will (1)

In the past, my agnostic outlook robbed me from the spiritual treasures God offers. I chased after sinful lusts the world threw in my direction hoping I could find satisfaction. This created a sad existence. Nothing ever brought me peace, and I stayed irritable. Every time I received those sinful temptations, it made life harder.
I am grateful to share with you God changed my empty treasure chest. Today, through Christ my focus is on living in God’s purpose instead of self-searching behavior.


My mindset has shifted from looking at troubles as problems to opportunities in growing a stronger faith in Christ. Those transformations are not of my making but come from receiving God’s forgiveness. They are full of His Spirit keeping me grounded in godliness. And God does the same for you.

Christ’s sovereignty is wealthy, rich in God’s truth and full of spiritual treasures. God has many ways He uses to continue overflowing our hearts with His love. The Lord made you rich in Christ’s Spirit. Remember Jesus gives you an endless fortune of knowledge and this wisdom has eternal rewards.

Are you enjoying your Christian wealth?



Breaking the Bondage of Sin

Inner peace is one of the most sought after human experience. You know that place where serenity takes over and your spirit filled with Christ’s love. Constant turmoil is unhealthy. Life on its terms isn’t easy and staying obedient to God is tough. It’s astonishing how the three letter word sin causes unremitting pain.

The origin of sin dates back to the Great Fall of Adam and Eve (Genesis 3: 1-19). God’s disappointment with them shut the door to the Garden of Eden. Understanding the way God reacts to sin is crucial to a believer and without this knowledge abiding in Christ is elusive.

Even though their disobedience disgusted God, He loved them and gave them a way out (Genesis 3:22). And God does the same for us. God’s new way of showing mercy is giving us Jesus Christ.

Breaking the bondage of sin begins when God saved you. Remember, salvation is God’s gift (Ephesians 2:8). Once God brings you into His kingdom, then Christ takes over, and the Holy Spirit fills your heart. This unity (Holy Trinity) breaks the chains of sin. And your darkness is overtaken with the Light of Christ (John 1:4).




Why is discussing sin essential?

Well, the primary reason is we still sin (1 John 1:8-9). Unbelievers use a Christian’s sins as ammunition to attack God’s kingdom. They don’t understand because they are a slave to sin, and God hasn’t chosen them to enter his sovereignty.

The unchosen ones live in blasphemy disregarding the way Christ works in a saved soul. A real Christian knows the key to breaking sin’s pattern is confession and repentance. And true faith shows a decrease in practicing sin.

Through personal devotion and our walk with Christ turning away from sin becomes easier. Christ paid the price for our freedom, and this great revelation transforms our lives. In the old Testimony, God showed His chosen leaders the kinds of sacrifices acceptable for receiving His grace.

But when our Lord brought His New Covenant into focus, then He was the One, who gave us the ultimate sacrifice. Yes, God showed His faithfulness by sacrificing His Son.

We are privileged to witness God’s faithfulness.

The key to becoming free from the paralyzing grip of sin is committing to Christ. This means spending time with Him throughout the day. Halfhearted efforts prevent us from receiving full access to Christ’s mighty hand. And we don’t have the strength to remove our sins. But God has appointed Christ to remove them.


Each of us has days when our slack attempts in contacting God keeps us in distress. Excuses or staying too busy is a setup for unnecessary problems. Remember Christ didn’t tell God waits until I’m ready.

No, Jesus followed God’s will and we must follow His example. Either we give Christ our best or risk the consequences. Don’t be mistaken my friend; God notices everything.

In John’s First Epistle he left us a Spirit-filled truth on the freedom from sin.

“My little children, these things I write to you, so you may not sin. And if anyone sins, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous. And He is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the whole world.” (1 John 2:1-2)

John’s message permeates the essence of repentance. He shows Christ as the way of atonement and reminds us to confess our sins to Him. When you take a look at this scripture, it’s self-explanatory. Christ our Intercessor (John 14:12-14) forgives us and our part is confessing our sins to Him.

Before God saved me, my life was hopeless. I was out of control and blinded to those I harmed. When I tried to change my sinful behavior, it got worse. On my limited strength nothing changed. I had no self-control and sin ran wild causing nothing but trouble.

Pride, sexual immorality, and selfishness ruled my motives. Since I couldn’t be trusted, there was no integrity. But when I reached the point where I wanted to die then God grabbed a hold and rescued me.

I am grateful for the day when God saved me because Christ freed me from my sinfulness. This revelation changed my life. Since then I have learned the qualities of salvation.




One of the essential ingredients in staying free from the chains of sin is spending private time with God. Serious prayer time is crucial for me. It’s imperative for me to confess my sins before God without distractions. It’s in those times with Christ I find the answers and the courage to turn away from sin. And when sin returns my faith leads me back to God.

For example, my sexual behavior has changed because Christ has given me a holy outlook on God’s intended purpose. Humility replaces pride and selflessness turn me away from selfish behavior. And the more I pick up my cross and walk with Christ a continuous flow of righteousness emerges.

I’m not without sin but this holy path gives me a spiritual courage stronger than sin. I owe everything to God.

Christ is the way out of sin. Draw closer to God (James 4:10) and watch Christ free you from the bondage of sin. No matter how often sin raises its ugly head repentance is the answer. Remember our freedom came at Christ’s price.

Humble-yourselves-in-the (1)

Watchful Eyes

When God saves a soul, He replaces blindness with watchful eyes. This new pair of eyes Christ designed for seeing heaven while we live on earth. They focus on things above instead of shortsighted personal pleasures. And God appointed Christ to keep blurry vision from darkening your sight of salvation.

Many people point out current world events as signs humanity’s end is happening now. They make predictions and give specific dates. And when those times pass, they rationalize their beliefs with illogical explanations.

But Christ tells us no one knows; “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only.” (Matthew 24:36)

What are the real warning signs?

The answers emerge in the Book of Revelation. In the sixth chapter of Revelation, John’s recorded events are the beginning stages of God’s wrath. We know this truth since the day God opened our eyes and showed us His plans for our eternal future    (1 Peter 2:9-10).



At the end of time, God will let Satan prepare his last battle before Christ crushes his reign. The seven seals are where God explains the sequence in which He will carry out His final plan.

Understanding those seals requires looking through the eyes of Christ. Since God granted you salvation, placed you in Christ’s body then you see as He does.

This sixth chapter of Revelation identifies individual events God has set in place. He made them noticeable to believers, so they don’t fall victim to deception. Those seals are broken into three distinct observations. They involve death, starvation, and cosmic calamities.

The world shows us evidence of those unimaginable tragedies. Islamic terrorism, famine and people living in poverty are universal reality making global news. Those sad but true events give us a glimpse of what God has in store for the world’s future.

Cosmic calamities don’t occur often. But science has uncovered earth damage caused by meteorites and asteroids. So this too gives us insight into the sixth seal mention in the book of Revelation.

Remember, don’t become afraid, because Christ has secured your place in God’s kingdom (John 14:6). And God gave you a new pair of glasses, and you can envision heaven a place free from pain and suffering (Revelation 21:4).


When I ponder over the end of time, it reminds of Noah’s day. Here I see God’s mighty wrath and how disgusted He is with evilness (Genesis 6:5). This leads me to believe when God sees fit and starts humanity’s final judgment it will become as frightening as or worse than in Noah’s generation. And the way I keep myself on the narrow road is spending private time with Christ.

God’s gives you this new vision so you can live in the new heaven and earth (Revelation 21:1). He set this in motion the moment He saved you. His grace gave you perfect eternal sight where the Light of Christ shines brightly. This is not of your making but His love for you.

Now-I-saw-a-new-heaven (1)

Our best preparation is placing Christ as our number one priority and live in God’s purpose. We need to be watchful, and the one who can point out the actual signs is God.

What’s your outlook?