Worrying is a human tendency and hard to break. Life terms are full of anxiety. Most people struggle to survive and live. The financial demands imposed by the world are unavoidable. Everyone needs to pay bills.

When I worry, it affects my spiritual equilibrium. I become unbalanced in my Christian walk. This places me in an unsafe place, and I make unwise decisions. Those irrational actions cause my life unnecessary suffering. Every time I fail to rely on Christ the outcome doesn’t turn out fruitful.

Worrying takes away my spiritual effectiveness. When I become uneasy over a circumstance out of my control, it prevents me from being useful. I become self-centered and use my will to solve problems reserved for Christ’s intervention. And the more I hold onto the trouble it makes my life miserable.

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God is subtle in the way He corrects my weaknesses. He uses my times of indecisions to show me relying on Christ in my daily affairs is best. When I leave God out of the mix, it doesn’t turn out right. Without Christ, as the centerpiece, I’m lost and exposed to emotional problems. But when I humble myself to Him remarkable results emerge.

Christ is there for us, and God is watching how we react to the circumstances of life. Jesus is our mightiest warrior against anxiety. And when we turn to Him in times of worrisome predicaments, then He brings us inner peace. This serenity in times of distress calms our spirits and uplifts our hearts.


Times get hard, but our devotion to God gives us the strength to move past trouble. Christ is our greatest asset to the woes of the world. Place your trust in God and find the solutions to your problems. And remember God works on a different timeline so don’t give up before He responds.

Faith in action cures anxiety caused by too much worrying. God takes care of those who trust in Christ. When we rely on Christ at the early stages of troubles, then we are better suited to overcome them quicker. Don’t forget God gave us the gift of salvation and are accountable to the way we handle life.

The power of prayer is indisputable. Our personal experience with building a strong prayer life is proof of God’s faithfulness. And the way of overcoming uncertainty begins with prayer.


Faith teaches us Christ is the way we adjust our lives to meet every circumstance. The more we give our lives over to God it becomes easier to side-step worry and become better servants to our Messiah.

How do you overcome worry?


Soundness of Thought:

Sober Minded

Sound thinking is the byproduct of a sober mind. The way we develop our conscious and subconscious connection with God is crucial to our salvation. Our undivided mental attention is desired by God (Joshua 1:8). The direction we exert our minds has eternal consequences.     

Our minds are an incredible gift from God. The Lord’s astonishing design included a way our bodies survives and a consciousness with Him are united. This extraordinary union between our physical and spiritual being is God’s unique creativity. Nothing we can create matches our Father’s unbelievable abilities.

It’s easy to misuse our minds. The influences of the world are a way sin manifest its self to corrupt our spiritual conditioning. God’s enemy attacks our thoughts so we won’t focus on His word. Spiritual warfare begins in the mind, and this battle is too mighty for us.

Without Christ, we lose the war.

The clearest picture of a sober mind is not getting drunk. God’s word is strict on abusing alcohol. Drunkards are unfavorable in the Lord’s eyes. The Old and New Testaments affirm God’s alcoholic standpoint. (Proverbs 20:1, Ephesians 5:18)

God’s approved use of alcohol is recorded in the Bible. Christ turned water into wine (John 2: 1-10) and Timothy approved it for medicine (1 Timothy 5:23)The discussion over alcohol brings on debates, but scripture holds the Lord’s truth. On this matter, God has chosen your path. We can agree the Lord has our best interest in mind and never misleads us.

One of the toughest challenges in staying sound-minded is the subtle ways negative emotions enslave our spirits. Unresolved anger, fear, lust, envy and other sins keep us in an unstable mentality. Negativity affects our Christian equilibrium and keeps us unbalanced in our devotion to God. They are a trap preventing us from Christian maturity.

The emotional hangover caused by overindulgence in unrighteous behaviors leads to mental, physical and spiritual troubles. Our minds become flooded with sinful thoughts causing us to misbehave in other ways. Physical illness develops from the stress caused by disobedience. And our souls stay in turmoil because we haven’t repented. Nothing good happens from unresolved spiritual conflicts.

Prayer and meditation are essential to keep a sober mind. They are as crucial to our walk with Christ as is food and water are to physical survival. When we deprive our bodies of those nutrients, our immune system weakens, and we have no defense against sickness.

Well, the same holds true in our spiritual lives. By neglecting our conscious contact with God, we cut ourselves off from His saving grace. Our spirits need the nourishment of God’s love. Christ is God’s daily bread and without His spiritual nutrition our soul stays restless
The Messiah’s manna trains the mind, softens the heart and renews our spirit.

Meditation unlocks the subconscious part of the mind so we can absorb God’s Word and know His truth. Deep contemplation of the Lord’s truth keeps the brain sober and generates sound spiritual thoughts.   

Seeking God with our minds is the strongest defense against mental corruption. The Lord uses our minds by placing thoughts inside us and protects from evil. Intuition is God’s way of helping us take the right action with His commands.

Meditate on God and watch the devil flee from your mind. Satan can’t overtake the strength Christ provides to a mindset centered on God’s truth.

One way I point my mind in Christ’s direction is stopped listening to unsuitable music. The lyrics in those songs stored wrong messages in my mind. When Christ purified my thoughts, He showed me the vulnerability of the mind. Then Christ showed me other mental impurities needing attention. I still struggle with those obstacles, but Christ has relieved their stronghold. Today I’m grateful for God’s command in changing my choice of music, books and movies.

A sober mind isn’t developed overnight. Every day we are challenged by the world to stand firm on God’s truth. Sound spiritual thinking can’t be mastered or perfected. No matter how strong our faith becomes the enemy continues looking for mental weakness. Sober minded is abiding in Christ.