Ruth Sanctified Through God’s Mercy

God never fails to redeem. In fact, one of the most powerful examples is Ruth. In the Book of Ruth, we see the mercy of the Lord. Here, God sanctified a woman from the cursed nation of Moab. This country didn’t glorify the Father and became non-existent (Isaiah chapters 15-16).

Ruth’s transformation is fascinating. Her connection to God came through Naomi. She was Ruth’s mother-in-law. And through the deaths of Naomi’s husband and sons, she returned home. So back to Bethlehem, Judah with Ruth by her side.

In chapter one verse 16 we discover Ruth’s, heart. God works through others to bring His light to the surface. Here she became willing to sacrifice everything taught to her from the past and believe in God. She turned away from the beliefs instilled in her upbringing.

But Ruth replied, “Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.

                                                                                      Ruth 1:16 NIV

When Ruth spoke those words, we find repentance in her last four words. It’s important to realize when she turned away from her past and professed the God of Naomi’s as the real God then her life changed. This shows Ruth’s acceptance of the Father and He brought her into His Kingdom.

Once she became God’s child then He placed her in Boaz life. The Lord rewarded Ruth with an abundance of prosperity both in spirit and physical essentials. This is a most compelling evidence in how God interacts with faithful followers.

Another focus of this book is the kinsman-redeemer ( a law of the Pentateuch. In the Old Testament times, a Jewish responsibility for a male relative is helping family members who need help. Naomi the widow of Elimelech needed this help. And Ruth is rewarded by giving birth to Obed the grandfather of David.

This short book shows us God’s indisputable faithfulness. It depicts His willingness to give to those who glorify His name. Each of us understands God wants us to turn away from temptation and follow His commands. Given these points, God never fails us.

Keeping Spiritually Balanced


Finding balance in life is challenging. The world places unrealistic expectations on our need to survive and meet its demands. Each of us struggles. No one is immune to the tribulations of living in a world full of uncontrollable circumstances. These predicaments are age-old perplexities and traced back to humanity great fall from God’s grace.

But a powerful solution is available. One greater than humanity. He is called God and through His mercy freedom from the bondage of worldly things emerges.

Christian balance is imperative in living on the narrow way.  Without God’s courage, we can’t stay faithful. Temptations are too strong for us and left to our limited power it’s impossible not to give into sin.



When Jesus died, arose from the dead and ascended into heaven, God made our sanctification reality. And the Holy Spirit keeps us on the road to redemption. Our hope for eternal life rests upon God’s grace and our willingness to live in Christ.

Remember, it’s Christ who brings us spiritual equilibrium in living a saved life.

It’s easy to get to involved in personal activities and slight our daily devotion. Family, careers, friends and other endeavors prevent us from giving Christ our undivided attention. When we stay away from God, we are headed for troubles. We can’t afford to forget the sacrifice God made (the death of His Son) to bring us into His kingdom.

I know how to live isolated from God. When I fell from His grace, it took eleven years before He reopened His door. My complacent faith returned me back into the darkness of unremitting sin. A loneliness unlike any other entered my soul leaving me in constant spiritual turmoil.


My unnecessary suffering caused by disobedience led me to utter desperation. Then one day I asked for His help, and He showed me mercy. I’m grateful Christ gave me a second chance. And today I do not allow my faith to be inactive. I give Him my best efforts each day. I’m not perfect but by surrendering myself over to His care, everything turns out according to His plan.

Wisdom knows God is the reason we live, and this makes placing personal choices above Him unwise. Faith is a verb and when active opens the door to a Christian strength stronger than God’s enemy. Real faith is setting aside personal by sacrificing individual time to seek God’s will. This faith is favorable to Christ and works under every life circumstances.

Christian action is our mightiest exertion in staying obedient to God. God’s word is full of instructions that need personal effort in living holy. There is a direct link between self-examination, prayer, and meditation. Each one of them brings us spiritual value but when practiced together an unshakeable faith develops, and we draw closer to Christ. It takes discipline and balance to incorporate this crucial God attributes.


Don’t be mistaken, without an active faith life becomes unbearable and we live in constant sin. Our ancient ancestors the Israelites give testimony to a dead faith and the way God responds to disobedience. God’s truth never changes. Christ is the same today as when He walked on earth. No one can escape God. The Lord holds humans accountable for their actions and is fair in His judgments.

Real balance is relying on Christ in everything we do. Here is where we find the ability to place our personal agenda on the back burner and trust God in every personal affair. Our greatest challenge is letting go of the driver’s seat and let Christ guide us in the way God wants us to handle life’s terms. This approach stops us from failing and keeps us from becoming too elated or pitied over the problems sin creates in a broken world. Remember in times of uncertainty; pause asks God for direction and acts on His commands.


Enjoying God’s Natural Surroundings

Everything God made is incredible. He is an excellent creator, and we are blessed to witness His marvelous creativity. Even though original sin caused us suffering, He surrounded us with a stunning natural setting appealing to our eyes.

Nature is full of God’s remarkable imprints. No matter what natural setting you prefer, God created it for your enjoyment. Finding joy in God’s other creations isn’t by accident but by His design. Our Father left us an abundance of other creatures, mountains, oceans and forests for pleasure.

It’s tough for me to narrow down a single choice from God’s enormous creations. I enjoy watching nature, and it always lifts my spirits. Sunsets and harvest moons are pleasant to experience bringing joy to my day and night. Dolphins are fascinating. When I’m around mountains, it captures my attention, and I enjoy their incredible scenery.

Evolutionists try their best to discount God the Creator. Charles Darwin had doubts but published his theory of evolution. Random chance and mutations are his claims for life.

Even if Darwin had the advances in today’s modern science, it still doesn’t explain the organized design from living organisms. The complexity of DNA and cell development are beyond human comprehension, and God hasn’t shown humans everything. He has mysteries unknown to us. And it’s in His creation of nature that has left His mark on every continent and body of water.

The evidence of God is everywhere. He allows us to enjoy our stay on earth by exposing us to supernatural powers. Every flower, insect, creature and cosmic events prove His existence. Isn’t God terrific!

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. (Genesis 1:1)

Are you enjoying God’s creations?


The Great Divider 
The Old Testimony is full of scripture showing God’s plan for bringing great division in the world. In those days, every Prophet and miracle God used wasn’t enough for them to stay firm on His word. The Lord needed another way for His truth to stand out and prepared the world for Christ. God made Christ the sole heir to His Kingdom.  

Jesus is the ultimate Authority on God’s law.

Christ, the great divider unites us with our inheritance to God. When Christ lived on earth, people had problems grasping His sovereignty. They expected the Messiah to crush the Roman’s rule and lead them to another promised land. Their focus was on how God delivered His mercy in the past, and it blinded them from the Lamb of God.

Christ made it obvious He wasn’t the peacemaker. One reason for Christ’s division is in Matthew’s gospel. Jesus said this: “Do not think that I came to earth to bring peace on earth, I did not come to bring peace but a sword.” (Matthew 10: 34)

The sword Jesus brought is God’s justice for disobeying His commands. God gave Christ the power to put right His people and shine light on His word. Christ’s wisdom stunned those believers and made them uncomfortable. Jesus came to separate the truth from the false. 

Here is where God established one of His holy reason for being in the flesh. Jesus identified the family as a place of separation and used love as its reason. (Matthew 10: 35-37).

Christ pointed out the love of Him is greater than one’s love for any family member. To love others more than Jesus is a sign of unworthiness. Real self-esteem results from one’s love for Christ. God values our lives, and His greatest manifestation of our worth comes from loving Christ. The Christian reality of loving Christ first is our affection for family glorifies God.

Remember, we are God’s creations and are given His trust in helping Him to create. Wow, God allows us to be partners with Him! Now if this truth isn’t enough to convince me to love God above everything, then I need to reevaluate my conviction?  My eternal destination rests upon my love for Christ.

Jesus disclosed the enemy has no boundaries and exists in the family. Satan uses abortion, contraception, same-sex marriages and artificial stimulation as the means to destroy the family. The destruction they bring is undeniable and aimed at abolishing our genetic connection to God. Satan is cunning and knows God cherishes the family, so he attacks its moral fiber.

Christ’s next two commands (Matthew 10: 38-39) are action steps. First, Jesus tells us to pick up our cross and follow Him. Then He tells us to lose our life for His sake. Again the Messiah places our worth on abandoning ourselves over to Him or faces eternal consequences.  

Seeking Christ takes daily action, and our experiences with hidden obstacles are proof of this truth. God gives us a daily reprieve and waits for us to turn to His guidance and protection. Without trusting Christ, we are weakened and make it easy for God’s enemy to permeate our spirits. Our eternal lives are at stake, and imperative to have God’s grace in our lives.

Humility is a prime example of losing ourselves in Christ. A humble life is a selfless existence and the key to unlocking the essence of God’s favor. Pride flees from spiritual submission for it can’t stand Christ. Humility opens a channel so God can fill our hearts with His Spirit.      

Another place Christ brought great division was amongst the spiritual leaders. The Messiah was candid with them and never stopped correcting their self-righteous ways. God exposed their prideful deeds. They couldn’t digest this unpalatable reality and plotted Christ’s death.

Christ used brutal honesty to put God’s truth in the face of the scribes and Pharisees. The entire 23Rd Chapter of Matthew’s Gospel is directed at their wrongful interpretation of God’s Law. They used their understanding instead of living in the purity of God’s word. Jesus exposed them as unbelievers and divided them from the divine doctrine. Their reaction to Christ’s truth resulted in killing Him.

Jesus called the scribes and Pharisees hypocrites. Christ, backed up this claim by naming a list of their prideful sins. They balked at His accusations and couldn’t accept being challenged by a man. Here God was in front of them, but they didn’t notice Him. They tried to test Christ by asking Him tricky questions about the law, but Jesus showed them God’s way and crushed their false faith.

The separation Christ has brought to my life is remarkable. Part of my past involved agnostic beliefs, sexual immorality, alcoholism and self-seeking attitudes. This lifestyle was unmanageable, unreliable and unholy. I caused emotional, mental, spiritual and sometimes physical harm to those in my path. My conscience was nonexistent and my spirit was dead. I wanted to die!

Then one day I heard God’s call. That day was the end of my unsaved life and the start of a Spirit filled life centered in Christ. I am grateful to share this with you today. The power of Christ is extraordinary. Glory to God!

My Christian awakening continues to evolve and my spirit is renewed daily. One truth, Christ has shown me is knowing part of my family is lost. I don’t know God’s plan for them, but their beliefs are not right. My prayers to God is for Him to do His will in their lives before doing something for me. I place their souls in Christ’s hands.

We have discussed a few ways Christ separates good from evil. The Gospels are full of Christ’s wisdom of right and wrong. It’s our responsibility to understand, believe and honor those truths.  

Christ division is simple. It happened the day He shed His blood and took on the sins of the world. Jesus defeated Satan and opened God’s door. God is available to anyone who loses their life in Christ.

What effect has Christ’s division made on your life?