Enjoying God’s Natural Surroundings

Everything God made is incredible. He is an excellent creator, and we are blessed to witness His marvelous creativity. Even though original sin caused us suffering, He surrounded us with a stunning natural setting appealing to our eyes.

Nature is full of God’s remarkable imprints. No matter what natural setting you prefer, God created it for your enjoyment. Finding joy in God’s other creations isn’t by accident but by His design. Our Father left us an abundance of other creatures, mountains, oceans and forests for pleasure.

It’s tough for me to narrow down a single choice from God’s enormous creations. I enjoy watching nature, and it always lifts my spirits. Sunsets and harvest moons are pleasant to experience bringing joy to my day and night. Dolphins are fascinating. When I’m around mountains, it captures my attention, and I enjoy their incredible scenery.

Evolutionists try their best to discount God the Creator. Charles Darwin had doubts but published his theory of evolution. Random chance and mutations are his claims for life.

Even if Darwin had the advances in today’s modern science, it still doesn’t explain the organized design from living organisms. The complexity of DNA and cell development are beyond human comprehension, and God hasn’t shown humans everything. He has mysteries unknown to us. And it’s in His creation of nature that has left His mark on every continent and body of water.

The evidence of God is everywhere. He allows us to enjoy our stay on earth by exposing us to supernatural powers. Every flower, insect, creature and cosmic events prove His existence. Isn’t God terrific!

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. (Genesis 1:1)

Are you enjoying God’s creations?


Joyful Deliverance

In my past, a joyful existence was elusive. I lived apart from God and in total darkness. Life involved chasing after short-lived experiences grounded in personal pleasures. Sin dominated my soul causing nothing but trouble.  Self-searching motives a normal occurrence anchoring a life of selfishness. No matter what the world offered, it couldn’t fill the emptiness inside my spirit.

Living life on my willpower caused unrelenting suffering. I thought happiness came from a whisky bottle but the more I got drunk an unshakable despair unfolded. Sexual immorality brought the same results. Everything I used to fill the spiritual void in my life drove me deeper into the black hole of hopelessness. This reckless lifestyle brought me to my knees.

It brings me great joy to share God saved me. I no longer live in sin and Christ delivered me from evil. Freed from the bondage of self and into God’s grace. This connection with God is a joyous occasion. The Lord makes life a happy and enlightening experience.

Since hearing God’s calling and repenting for my sins, a new outlook on joy emerged. I can’t find a better enjoyment of life than the one I receive from devoting myself to Christ. His presence brings me the greatest satisfaction. This profound spiritual consciousness keeps me seeking God and continues making me joyful!

Just so, I tell you, there is joy before the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” (Luke 15:10)

Have you found joy in God?

Humanity’s Greatest Joy

God brings the greatest joy known to humanity. His incredible way of delivering us happiness in a world full of tragedy is uplifting. He sends serenity in times of distress and through Christ we find inner-peace. Even though we may become disturbed the hope God gives keeps us spiritually balanced. Behind every blessing, we find God’s joy.

The connection between Christ and enjoying life isn’t an accident. God’s designed plan included receiving joy in His spiritual gifts. Since our Father placed Christ as His centerpiece, then real happiness radiates through our personal relationship with His Son. The joy Christ brings isn’t short-lived but never ending.

I’m grateful for God because Christ has changed my life. Every day is a new beginning and God is watching the way I awake to its opportunity. I try my best upon awakening to focus my thoughts on God. This gives me the best start to the day and leads me to a joyous beginning. I’m not perfect. I stumble and drift away. But the moment I realize it, humble myself before God then Christ steps in and showers me with God’s love.

The link between spiritual life and joyfulness is God’s powerful way of showing us the treasures of heaven. Christ makes following God an enjoyable and exceptional experience. Nothing the world offers comes near the happiness God gives to His faithful followers.

My lips will shout for joy when I sing praises to you; my soul also, which you have redeemed (Psalm 71:23).

Are you experiencing God’s joy?

Divine Privilege

Being chosen by God to join His Kingdom is a divine privilege (Ephesians 2:8-10). God invited us into an elite family. He included us with His most trusted servants and wanted us to live with Him forever. And God made Christ the head of His family.

When I meditate over the remarkable company God has placed me in I’m astonished. His list of faithful people is extraordinary. I’m grateful to be included with God’s chosen people; Abraham, Moses, Ruth, Peter, Paul and many other biblical ancestors. It is exhilarating  knowing one day I will be able to meet them in heaven.


One of the most stunning revelations from God is experiencing the same Living Spirit as those people we find in the Bible. Our Father doesn’t show favoritism (Galatians 3:28), and once He saves a soul, then Christ begins teaching God’s way. We are blessed to have the same path to eternal life as our predecessors.

God’s divine privilege of salvation separates us from spiritual death. Our Father united us together through Christ to plan for His new heaven and earth (Revelation 21:1-7). And God’s gift of Christ secures our inheritance for eternal life.

The Lord’s infinite wisdom of everlasting life doesn’t come without responsibility. We must be active in carrying Christ’s message and learning to live holy. The most efficient way of sharing God’s promise of salvation is through living life through faithful examples (2 Corinthians 5:7).


This means we need to show others the impact Christ makes in our lives by responding to the world’s injustices through love, forgiveness, and devotion. It isn’t easy but not impossible because the Christ in us provides a strength beyond ours.

Remember God saved our souls, and this means we are no longer living for ourselves but His glory. And glorifying God can’t be accomplished without Christ. To glorify God is picking up our cross, walking in Christ footprints and living in God’s purpose.

When I lived outside of God’s kingdom, my life wasn’t useful. I knew nothing of living holy and relied on myself for the answers to life’s riddle. My outlook on life was grim, and I was skeptical towards God. I became agnostic, and this was an empty and lonely existence. Even though I denied God, He had plans to save me. I’m grateful He introduced to Christ and snatched me out of the darkness. I owe everything to Him.

For-the-grace-of-God Today I’m honored to hear God’s voice. Christ has taken away any excuses for me not to humble myself before God. Even though I’m not perfect, Christ doesn’t abandon me because He has shown me the way of repentance. And this allows me to grow in God’s image.

One of God’s greatest privilege is enabling us to be called His sons and daughters. To be chosen by God and recognized as one of His children isn’t to be taken lightly. Remember, we didn’t save ourselves. And this holds us accountable to live in Christ and give Him our undivided attention. We must give Christ our best efforts because the result from a complacent faith has fatal consequences.


God gives us many spiritual privileges. Life in the flesh is temporary, but heaven is forever. If I don’t experience God’s Living Spirit then something wrong. The Holy Spirit is the way God lets us know our faith is real. Without it, we can’t live in Christ, and the door to God’s kingdom stays closed.

Have you found God’s promises?


The Wisdom of Fearing God

Fearing God is found throughout the Bible. The Old and New Testaments tells us to fear God. And for good reason. Contained within God’s Book are many examples of the way he disciplines disobedience.

God wrath isn’t subtle. He gives us every opportunity to repent. The Old Testament is full of God’s patience in allowing the Israelites to change their sinful ways and live in obedience. The Lord was fair with them before acting on His judgment for their defiance. And God has given us their recorded history to remind us the penalty for disobedience.

When God delivered Christ to the world, this changed the way He deals with unfaithful actions. Jesus is God’s last covenant with humanity and without believing in Christ, no one will enter heaven. Once a believer places faith in Christ; then the wisdom of fearing God becomes understood.

The fear of God isn’t one that pushes us away from Him. It draws us closer to Christ because the knowledge of God’s judgment becomes real. Christ is the one who teaches us the way God will handle unbelievers, and the Book of Revelation is the blueprint to God’s final judgment. Don’t be mistaken; everyone one will face Christ’s verdict.

The good news is fearing God paves the way for our eternal inheritance. God shows us through Christ the rewards for following His commands. Our Father makes sure we have a place in heaven. We are fortunate to be chosen by God!

Be not wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord, and turn away from evil. (Proverbs 3:7)

Do you fear God?

Fearlessness in Times of Terror

God is remarkable. He gives us a way to be fearless in a world riddled with corruption. The moment God anointed us with His Spirit, he placed us in Christ. This provided us with courage to face temptation through Christ’s strength. Fearlessness is turning to Christ in times of fear and putting our faith in His hands. And when we trust in God without reservations, then we overcome our fears.

The world is full of frightening circumstances aimed at causing fear to the human psyche. God’s enemy is hard at work trying to create an atmosphere of terror. And without God’s protection, the panic plays havoc with the human spirit.

Today we are facing a powerful force of evil. This wicked threat isn’t new. When sin entered the heart of Adam and Eve, it corrupted the human mind. No matter how one tries to avoid this unpalatable truth the destruction sin causes doesn’t go away.

God created us with the ability to understand not to risk our lives by placing ourselves in life-threatening circumstances. He gave us instincts to prevent us from walking into danger. But Satan uses unpredictable conditions to keeps us afraid, and this makes it imperative for us to devote ourselves to Christ.

We are blessed to be chosen by God and experience His grace. Faith is the antidote to the paralyzing grip of unreasonable fears. Our belief in Christ unlocks the door to a courage Satan can’t touch because Jesus has defeated evilness. Pick up your cross, walk with Christ and watch fear fade away.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

 How do you overcome fear?

Belonging to God’s Remarkable Kingdom

Belonging to something is one of my most cherished experiences. In my past being a part of something intrigued me. Even though I wanted to belong to social circles, I never was comfortable around others. I feared rejection. And these insecurities grew stronger as I entered adulthood.

Today I’m grateful to share with you God has open Christ’s door, and I now belong to His kingdom. This eternal revelation taught me when I fail to rely on Christ then my sense of worthlessness returns with a vengeance. Without being a part of Christ my actions and behaviors become unmanageable causing me to react to life in evil ways.


God’s calling is the most significant and dynamic message of my life. He made belonging to His Church (Christ) the greatest joy of life. Nothing brings me more enjoyment than living with Christ. God has taken my soul, given it to Christ and united it with His Spirit. I owe everything to God.

The Lord gave me eternal hope secured through my faith in Christ. And when I’m living in God’s will He showers me with His Spirit letting me understand I belong to Him forever.

Before God rescued me, self-centered fears got the best of me. My outlook on life was negative. I lived in isolation and never could shake my loneliness. And the more I relied on myself, the worse my life spiraled out-of-control.

When my life became hopeless, God snatched me out of the darkness and into His Light. God awakened me to His truth, and Christ removed my self-centered fears replacing them with Christian confidence.

God’s invitation to join Him is remarkable. It’s gratifying belonging to Christ’s church, and nothing the world offers matches this unbelievable joy. Nothing in the world satisfies my love for God. I owe everything to the Lord.



One of the neatest awareness of being a part of God is I’m never alone. Since the day God anointed me with His Living Spirit, my loneliness has taken a back seat. Every day I’m blessed to experience His presence and understand Christ is with me.

Don’t misunderstand me; I have times of discouragement but God never leaves me alone. His Spirit is alive inside me,   and He never leaves without being connected.

Today I’m comfortable living in my skin without the fear of inadequacy. Now that God has placed me in Christ this gives me a spiritual courage strong enough to walk in Christian confidence. And when I keep Christ as my primary focus then my unwarranted fears melt away giving birth to a life anchored in eternal security. God will do the same to you!

Another excellent awareness of belonging to Christ is the connection I experience with other faithful followers. Many times I have felt God’s Spirit radiating through the hearts of others. Every time I share God’s words with my brothers and sisters in Christ the closer I become with God. And this experience motivates me to carry Christ’s Gospel. I’m grateful for the brotherhood and sisterhood God has brought to my life.

God’s world is incredible! I hope you are experiencing the joy of having Christ as your savior!


Kindness in Times of Tragedy

God designed kindness as a way to comfort others during times of disharmony. Christ understands the cruelty of the world and uses goodness as the means of easing the unremitting suffering sin causes to the human heart. The way people mistreat each other makes it tough to reach out in kindness. But as a Christian, I must try my best to help ease the pains of life.

To be polite is easy because it doesn’t take much effort to say nice words. Kindness is an action requiring personal exertion to reach out in selfless service. Christ takes notice when our actions speak louder than our words. And the more we serve others without expecting a reward God blesses us with His love.

It may appear being kind is pointless in a world riddled with atrocities. Even though the world may reject our good-spirited actions, we need to remind ourselves we are living for Christ and not ourselves. God’s grace has placed us in Christ and when show kindness the Lord is glorified. God is pleased when we stay kind regardless of the way others respond to our goodness.

The tragedies caused by evilness is an invitation for us to reach out in kindness and show others God’s grace. Christ is in us, and He guides to show compassion in times of cruelty by extending our love to others. Embracing others with our kindness comforts the hearts of others and helps heal the human spirit from the wicked acts inflicted by evil doers. Remember, God loves those who cast aside preference for serving His purposes.

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you (Ephesians 4:32).

How do you show kindness in times of tragedy?

Working for the Divine Craftsman

We are privileged. Chosen by God to work for Christ. This divine honor has eternal treasures. Christ paid our price and freed us from sin. Our labor (faith) allows us to experience God’s grace. And for as long as we stay faithful our inheritance in heaven is secure.

The joy of salvation is losing our lives for Christ (Matthew 16:25). It’s in Christ’s body we enjoy living in obedience to God. Christ is our Master Craftsman showing us the spiritual tools necessary to building our eternal foundation.


In God’s toolbox, we find the tools needed in fixing our broken lives. God’s specialty is providing the precise Christian instruments in repairing the damage sin causes to humans. And the one handing us them is Christ. Without Christ, we can’t diagnose the problem.

In Apostle Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians we find an indispensable message for becoming Christ’s workers.

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them,” (Ephesians 2:10).


God united us with Christ making us acceptable in performing His work. God doesn’t force Himself on humans; He uses His chosen ones to make the world see His hands working for the good of humanity.

If I’m not willing to leave my comfort zone and do good for those I want to avoid; then I must examine if I’m working for Christ. I can’t be selective because everyone is God’s creation. Christ reminds me He came to save sinners. It’s tough doing right for selfish people, but the rewards from God are incredible.

God created good deeds to lead us away from sin. He planned for us to show the world His holiness by using righteousness as an attraction to the gracefulness of a spiritual life.

It’s the light of Christ that shines the spotlight on those we are to help. Often we fail to see them because we are too busy or look the other way so we won’t become bothered by the countless people begging for help. Christ, Himself tells us not to be blinded to anyone in need of aid (Matthew 25:35-40).

Working for Christ means making personal sacrifices that are tough but necessary. When God saved me, my life changed. He granted me apprenticeship into Christ’s kingdom and now Jesus is showing me the blueprints of discipleship.


God leads me to a way of life where unconditional giving outweighs my concerns about how the recipient will use the help. I take the action and leave the results of Christ’s hands. I’m not perfect and fail but the moment I’m willing to act God is pleased.

Each day we awaken to a new opportunity to stay on God’s roll call and receive our daily bread. Christ knows we won’t have perfect attendance since God understands we become weak in faith. But the moment we become willing and report for work then Christ finds a spot on God’s roster. No matter how sinful we become working for Christ will always nurse us back to spiritual health.

Are you working for Christ?


Freedom of Truth

God’s truth isn’t complicated. It’s simple yet elusive. Many words define truth, but the only one acceptable in God’s dictionary is—-believing in Christ. This five-letter one-syllable word brings the biggest freedom known to humanity; Christian eternity.

Honesty is good, but it doesn’t go far enough to secure us a place in God’s kingdom. Unbelievers have the ability, to be honest. God designed everyone with the sense of honesty.

God’s truth requires making painful sacrifices unpopular to the world. Those personal sacrifices don’t compare with the one God made—the death of His Son. And the truth of Christ’s resurrection frees us from sin.

Eternal Truth

When we admit to our innermost self the truth of Christ, then God steps in and showers us with His Spirit. This spiritual cleansing purifies our heart and frees our souls from Adam’s original sin. You can’t find a greater freedom than being freed from spiritual death!

One thing I’ve learned from Christ’s truth is I’m not perfect. I sin. But when I repent; God keeps me free from its devastating consequences. Repentance is a great liberator because Christ knows it isn’t comfortable living on the road of redemption.

Christ tells us this:

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. (John 8:32)

How has Christ’s truth freed you?