Watchful Eyes

When God saves a soul, He replaces blindness with watchful eyes. This new pair of eyes Christ designed for seeing heaven while we live on earth. They focus on things above instead of shortsighted personal pleasures. And God appointed Christ to keep blurry vision from darkening your sight of salvation.

Many people point out current world events as signs humanity’s end is happening now. They make predictions and give specific dates. And when those times pass, they rationalize their beliefs with illogical explanations.

But Christ tells us no one knows; “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only.” (Matthew 24:36)

What are the real warning signs?

The answers emerge in the Book of Revelation. In the sixth chapter of Revelation, John’s recorded events are the beginning stages of God’s wrath. We know this truth since the day God opened our eyes and showed us His plans for our eternal future    (1 Peter 2:9-10).



At the end of time, God will let Satan prepare his last battle before Christ crushes his reign. The seven seals are where God explains the sequence in which He will carry out His final plan.

Understanding those seals requires looking through the eyes of Christ. Since God granted you salvation, placed you in Christ’s body then you see as He does.

This sixth chapter of Revelation identifies individual events God has set in place. He made them noticeable to believers, so they don’t fall victim to deception. Those seals are broken into three distinct observations. They involve death, starvation, and cosmic calamities.

The world shows us evidence of those unimaginable tragedies. Islamic terrorism, famine and people living in poverty are universal reality making global news. Those sad but true events give us a glimpse of what God has in store for the world’s future.

Cosmic calamities don’t occur often. But science has uncovered earth damage caused by meteorites and asteroids. So this too gives us insight into the sixth seal mention in the book of Revelation.

Remember, don’t become afraid, because Christ has secured your place in God’s kingdom (John 14:6). And God gave you a new pair of glasses, and you can envision heaven a place free from pain and suffering (Revelation 21:4).


When I ponder over the end of time, it reminds of Noah’s day. Here I see God’s mighty wrath and how disgusted He is with evilness (Genesis 6:5). This leads me to believe when God sees fit and starts humanity’s final judgment it will become as frightening as or worse than in Noah’s generation. And the way I keep myself on the narrow road is spending private time with Christ.

God’s gives you this new vision so you can live in the new heaven and earth (Revelation 21:1). He set this in motion the moment He saved you. His grace gave you perfect eternal sight where the Light of Christ shines brightly. This is not of your making but His love for you.

Now-I-saw-a-new-heaven (1)

Our best preparation is placing Christ as our number one priority and live in God’s purpose. We need to be watchful, and the one who can point out the actual signs is God.

What’s your outlook?




Living a Christian life isn't being perfect or self-righteous. Often people misunderstand the characteristics of a saved life. I sure did. Salvation isn't the absence of sin, but freed from its bondage. Experiencing God's living Spirit and knowing Christ is the essence of salvation and a sign of your eternal destination. I hope you will share your faith with me so we can grow together in the image of Christ.

4 thoughts on “Watchful Eyes”

  1. Walter, you have become an example of opening not just your eyes but your heart to help so many others find that place in life where we all belong. That is when we take the time to pause and thank our Divine Companion for the gifts we have received.

    1. Thanks, mom you have also pointed out the right way to go. Your love has always been there even when I wasn’t on my best behavior. It’s been a blessing to have these several years together. Love you.

  2. ItsMy view on this is that EVERYTHING is proceeding according to God’s( Who stands above and outside of linear time) Plan. To think that His creation could have frustrated His original Plan is childish in the least. From John the Revelator we have frustrated” looking like a Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world. The foundation” world” not being just the Earth but the entirety of existence -if
    I understand the Greek meaning of the word.
    There are those predestined to be conformed to the image and likeness of Christ and those not. No one is called except by te Spirit of God( A W Tozer termed this preventient Grace).To believe any different is to deny God’s Omnipresence, Omnipotence, and Omniscience! Even Christ is not privy to the day and time of the end -only the Father ( and this is Scriptural ). We are in a process from being changed from created being to true Sons and Daughters of God. This entails the necessity of an enemy to bring about the circumstances required to bring the slag of the soul to the light to be dealt with by the Spirit and teach us the discipline required to do God’s Will later on after we have been Transformed and “rule and reign with Christ”. Rule and reign with over what? Why , the wonderfully beautiful universe that God has created that was maybe a billion GALAXIES. Are we His only sentient creations? Probably not. But that is not because we can hardly handle the one planet and job we have been given
    Our job is to obey as best we can. Know we ARE Loved with a Love we cent REALLY grasp.

    1. Thanks Michael for stopping by and sharing your faith. Yes, God’s plan is already set in place. He shows us exactly the parts we need to know and lets our trust keep us grounded. Faith is our responsibility. GBY my friend.

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