God’s Shocking Way of Defeating Evil

One fascinating example of God’s unique way of defeating wickedness is in the book of Habakkuk. Habakkuk lived in a time where ungodliness became an epidemic. Evilness a normal occurrence and the mistreatment of others a common theme causing him grief. He had been praying for God’s intervention, but the answers didn’t come (Habakkuk 1:2-4).


During this time of human existence, the Israelites lived in disobedience. They weren’t being held captive or suppressed from another nation, but their defiance against God had peaked. And God unleashed His wrath by using an unimaginable source to wipe out their evil ways.

God showed Habakkuk His plan, and it wasn’t the one the Prophet was expecting. God explained to him a shocking plan of eradicating this rebellion (Habakkuk 1:5). He called on the Chaldean nation to carry out His wrath. They were a ruthless and wicked society.

This must have been troubling for Habakkuk since the Chaldean’s were a pagan nation centered in living a life unacceptable with God. Their disregard for human life left a trail of death and destruction. Many nations feared them, yet God guided them to carry out His will.

In the Twentieth Century, a similar act of violence to Habakkuk’s experience erupted. World War Two showed the world an up close and personal look at wickedness. This war was full of evilness.

The Holocaust, millions of human casualties and massive amounts of physical injuries from its devastation caused by evil men. But God upheld His promise to Noah (Genesis 8:21) and lined up nations together to defend humanity. And one of God’s allies was Russia a notion with evil intentions.




Today we face terrorism an unpredictable evil. This wickedness strikes when the world least expects it, and places fear around the globe. The evil men behind the terror have strategic targets aimed at disrupting Christ’s peace.

God has slowed their progress but hasn’t acted on His plan to cut out this evil threat. But remember your salvation secures a place in God’s kingdom and no matter how frightful the world becomes Christ has defeated evil (1 Corinthians 15:57).

God never stops defeating evil. Throughout humanity, His mighty hand has overtaken the worst evil Satan has inflicted in trying to overthrow His kingdom. God’s word doesn’t explain the exact time He pushed the devil out of His sovereignty. But we know He did (Job 1:6-12) and the reason (Isaiah 14:12-13). And in the lives of the unsaved soul, Satan’s terror runs wild because without Christ salvation is elusive.

God doesn’t show humans everything, but faith leads us to God’s wisdom. Satan is one of God’s hidden mysteries. But God has exposed the devil’s ways by showing us his hideous works. And Adam and Eve’s experience proves God loves humans and even though their disobedience upset Him they saw Him defeat the cunning serpent (Genesis 3:14-15).

Our generation parallels with Habakkuk’s time on earth. We face the same enemy of God as this Prophet encountered. God protected Habakkuk because he was faithful and Christ does the same for us. We are blessed to be chosen to live a spiritual life beyond the flesh and be able to meet Habakkuk in heaven!

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