What is a Christian Mindset?


Christ-Crucifixion-Elements (1)A  Christian mindset goes beyond thinking. It’s surrendering the mind over to God and finding Christ’s wisdom. Where building an unshakable foundation in God through a living faith becomes the greatest defense against disobedience.


And when the mind aligns itself with God’s will, nothing can penetrate the bond Christ gives to the Lord’s faithful believers.

Too many people proclaim Jesus, but their lives don’t show God’s presence. So it’s crucial to know Christ, and this starts with a mindset center in Christian action.

Spiritual warfare is real and begins in the mind. Every human struggles with thoughts of good and evil. And this has been true since Adam and Eve fell from God’s grace. We are born with sin, and Christ died so we can be free from its paralyzing grip.

Our minds are an incredible part of God’s creation. God’s enemy knows the best way to attack is corrupting the mind. This makes our brains vulnerable to evil, so it’s imperative to let Christ guide our thoughts. We don’t have the strength to fight off temptation, but Christ does and without His aid we lose the battle.

When God gives His gift of salvation, the mindset of the believer is changed. This awakening to His presence is so incredible it has a profound impact on your life. Here confession of sin, repentance and selfless service become joyful experiences. Real faith embraces Christ’s sovereignty with the mind, heart and soul. So a Christian mindset is a spiritual way of living instead of collective thoughts. Action is key in God’s kingdom and a spiritual sound mind bears eternal fruit.

I’m grateful God crossed our paths so we can unite as one mind in spreading the Gospel of Christ. Peace and love to you my friend

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