Christ’s Birth a Miraculous Gift From God

The birth of Christ is an incredible part of history. God’s unique plan to use the Holy Spirit as the way to make Jesus human is astonishing. This remarkable set of circumstance stands alone and has yet to re-occur.

It’s not by accident God used His Spirit to allow the Virgin Mary to conceive His Son. Our Father told His Prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 7:14) of this extraordinary future event.

Matthew’s recording of the virgin birth (Matthew 1:18-25) gives insight to the dangers Mary faced. In our modern times, it’s normal for women to bear a child out of wedlock. But not so for Mary. She and the child’s life became endangered. The penalty for this infraction of adultery ended in death.

Mary found favor with God (Luke 1:30), and He chose her to bear His Son. This honor God granted her isn’t by chance, but her obedience and faithfulness. Remember, in Mary’s time, God’s people had trouble staying in good standing with Him. Her devotion didn’t go unnoticed because God rewarded her faith with giving birth to His Son. She became privileged giving testimony to God’s undeniable love for His faithful followers.

When I ponder over Christ’s miraculous birth, it makes me joyful. Many people try to discount God’s mightiness. They convince themselves conceiving a child without biological partners is absurd. Thinking these thoughts isn’t one of faith. Believers know faith is understanding with God everything is possible (Luke 1:37) and not by sight alone (2 Corinthians 5:7).

Remember, God always keeps His promises (2 Peter 3:9). And throughout the Old Testament, the Lord showed His plan for a saving King. So, Matthew’s commentary of Christ’s birth proves God’s loyalty. Our Father never leaves us guessing. God’s grace is an incredible blessing.

Christ’s arrival on earth paved the way to our rebirth. On Jesus’s birthday, God’s transformation from the old way of believing into His new one became a reality. In that town of Bethlehem laying in the manger, our Father showed the world His gift of salvation. But it’s up to God who receives this eternal blessing.

I’m grateful for Christ’s birth. Are you?


Living a Christian life isn't being perfect or self-righteous. Often people misunderstand the characteristics of a saved life. I sure did. Salvation isn't the absence of sin, but freed from its bondage. Experiencing God's living Spirit and knowing Christ is the essence of salvation and a sign of your eternal destination. I hope you will share your faith with me so we can grow together in the image of Christ.

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    1. We are blessed to understand Christ’s birth and the meaning behind His purpose. Best to you also Deb.

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