A Renewed Outlook for Sin

I’m grateful God has given me an awareness of my surroundings. Seeing others respond to life’s terms is fascinating. Sometimes I go beyond observation and into judgement. But Christ reminds me to stop casting the first stone and tend to my disobedience. And the Holy Spirit encourages me to repent so I can live free from sin.

Once I conceded to my innermost self Christ died for the sins of the world, my outlook on sin changed. In my early days of salvation, understanding the Cross didn’t take root. I was so excited to experience God’s constant presence nothing else mattered. Christ’s sacrifice took time to enter my mind. But the moment I connected with the permanent effects Christ brings I understood.

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God’s undeniable compassion for humanity is remarkable. The Lord’s unwavering love for us is incredible. Every time I hear the words “Lamb of God, you take away the sin of the world” brings a tear to my eye.

Today this profound awakening of Christ is the center of my life. Christ transformed me from self-centeredness to God consciousness. Jesus removed my blinders, and God restored my heart. Sometimes I disconnect from God, but I’m never alone since Christ never leaves.

Sin is as an opportunity to grow in my Christian walk. Sin gives me a chance to examine myself and find where I’m at fault. Until I can see how sin affects my relationship with God and others, it’s impossible for me to live holy.

For example, when I look at pride it highlights my self-glorification. Pride wants me to take credit for God’s gift of life. So it isn’t surprising Christ takes offense to this lie. Selfishness prevents me from humbling myself.

Pride isn’t the only sin causing me problems. Resentments, bitterness, dishonesty, lust, and gossip are other spiritual defects causing me troubles. Sin gives me much to examine.


The next step is confession. To see sin isn’t enough. I have to go further. Without confession, I can’t mature in my faith. Hidden trespasses keep me distant from God, but confessing them brings relief. When I admit my inequities to Christ, He renews my spirit, and I draw closer to God.

But, the most crucial reason for confession is repentance.

Repentance is the key to staying righteous in front of God’s eyes. Real   repentance is making amends to God. Once Christ brings me to the point of repentance, then God waits and watches my actions. Here my efforts to learn from my wrongful behavior is essential in living in God’s kingdom. I have to show sincerity and remorse. Without Christ, I don’t have the strength to change. And when God takes notice of humility,  He is pleased.


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I enjoy the way God corrects my disobedience. Sin is painful, but without pain there is no growth. I love owning up to my wrongs because it prepares me for eternal life. The more I align my life with Christ my security in His body strengthens.

Self-examination, confession, and repentance are the stepping stones to a right relationship with Christ full of God’s grace. The more I apply those virtues a decrease in sin emerges, and I become a better servant of God, Christ and others.

I hope your experience with God is as bright as mine.


Author: walterkahler.wk@gmail.com

Living a Christian life isn't being perfect or self-righteous. Often people misunderstand the characteristics of a saved life. I sure did. Salvation isn't the absence of sin, but freed from its bondage. Experiencing God's living Spirit and knowing Christ is the essence of salvation and a sign of your eternal destination. I hope you will share your faith with me so we can grow together in the image of Christ.

6 thoughts on “A Renewed Outlook for Sin”

  1. Excellent post! This is so true: “I love owning up to my wrongs because it prepares me for eternal life. The more I align my life with Christ my security in His body strengthens.”

    1. Hello Kathleen and thanks for stopping by and sharing your faith. We both know our time in the flesh is limited, so it’s essential to prepare ourselves for heaven. GBY my friend.

  2. Very nice. Solid steps to help us correct our relationship with the Lord. I think that all of us slip up in some of these areas. I know I definitely have to repent when I fall short of His glory.

    1. Hi Mary and thanks for your thoughts. I too fall short in repentance. The neat thing about God is He is remarkable with His mercy. Always good to connect with you. Have a great week my friend.

  3. I love this post, I like the part of how we become judgemental of people sin. Knowing am not perfect has changed the way I relate with others thanks for this post.
    P.S. I like your website could you build one for me? *grins*

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