Dancing Around the Truth


Sometimes people recounsellingdicussion570.jpghiresspond to my conservation on sin with rationalization. They dance around the truth by calling sin a sickness. It’s easier to pass off sin as an illness than call it evil. No one wants to accept sin since it shows the evil side of our existence. But it can’t be denied, and every human encounters its paralyzing grip.

In the Garden of Eden when the great fall from God occurred life as a human changed. Adam and Eve faced the reality of disobeying God and paid a terrible price. They gave into temptation and were ashamed.

Psychologists and psychiatrists weren’t available telling them sin doesn’t exist. No, they had to stand alone before God. God was the one who dealt with their sin. And today His approach hasn’t changed. We are accountable for the way we live, and God will judge us in the same way.

We need to understand the way sin enters our lives. This means taking a look in the Book of Genesis. Chapter Three explains the truth of sin. It begins with Eve’s interaction with Satan.

In their verbal exchange, Satan enticed her to question God. Here he used the mind as a tool for making her doubt God’s authority. He convinced her that if she disregarded God’s command death wasn’t possible, but the knowledge of good and evil was available (Genesis 3:1-5). Eve bought into his deception and believed to be God’s equal. Her poor judgment turned out to be disastrous. And our sin brings the same results.

When Eve offered Adam the same bait and became afraid of God (Genesis 3:8-19), then they both understood the problem. So here God teaches us the weakness of the mind. Our dilemma lies within our minds and without God’s mercy stays unresolved.

Their disobedience gave birth to sin, and God’s consequences reminded them the penalty for turning away from His commands. Even though God had disappointments with their sin, He supplied them a way back to His grace. God gave them the choice between Him or sin (Genesis 3:22). Here God tells us the reward for exerting our freewill over to His care is salvation.


In our generation talking about sin is becoming harder to discuss. Advancement in behavioral science has taken center stage and pushed back God’s truth of sin. Medical professionals are good blamers placing the focus on poor parenting, environmental disadvantages, and other circumstances. They never mention sin.

Psychiatrists and psychologists are masters of deception. They have a medical explanation for every form of disobedience. And to make matters worse, medication is their solution. This makes it impossible to accept the root of the problem and keeps people numb from their sins.

I’m not saying doctors dealing with the mind don’t serve a purpose. One of my sisters has a severe bipolar disorder, and I understand the problem this causes in her life. Without medicine her bouts with anger and depression are unbearable and a danger to her and others. I’ve seen the crippling effects of Alzheimer disease. In my personal relationship with God, I watch Him use different ways of intervening with people. And He uses doctors to help.

Often men of medicine overstep their boundaries and mingle with matters reserved for God. Their intelligence blocks them from the fact many problems only God can solve. So it’s not surprising we have an up close view of a decaying society.

Sin is real, and the evil it causes is undeniable. Christ’s death leaves no doubt on the validity of sin. Jesus sacrificed His life to redeem the world from the spiritual death, sin causes to God’s creation. So rationalizing or justify sin isn’t favorable to God. Don’t dance around the truth and be left in darkness.

The great news is you can find serenity in this fallen world. Christ is waiting and willing to give you freedom. Abide in Him and discover peace!


Author: walterkahler.wk@gmail.com

Living a Christian life isn't being perfect or self-righteous. Often people misunderstand the characteristics of a saved life. I sure did. Salvation isn't the absence of sin, but freed from its bondage. Experiencing God's living Spirit and knowing Christ is the essence of salvation and a sign of your eternal destination. I hope you will share your faith with me so we can grow together in the image of Christ.

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  1. Looks like your getting the hang of it Walt , I look forward to your blog .
    God bless you and keep your eyes on the main thing >

    David Adams

    1. Hello David and thanks for your continued support. Looking forward to seeing you back at work. GBY and your family my friend in Christ.

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