On the Other Side of Christ’s Resurrection

On the other side of Christ’s resurrection is the place where God’s new creation lives. It’s full of God’s grace. When Christ became resurrected from the dead, God opened the door for humanity to become His new creations. This place is rich in God’s Spirit and full of His mercy (2 Corinthians 4:18).

Christ freed humans from original sin and created a new and everlasting way of believing (John 20:29). This transformation from God’s old covenant to the new one can’t develop without accepting Christ as the way to heaven (John 14:6).


The Pharisees refused to believe Christ was the Messiah and paid a fatal eternal price. We must concede to our innermost selves the truth of Christ (John 4:13-14) or face the same infinite destination. God’s new covenant is with Christ and until we place our faith in Jesus our lives stay hopeless.

Nothing the world offers can match God’s gift of salvation. We know this from our personal experience with the Holy Spirit (2 Corinthians 5:5). Everything Christ brings turns out far better than we can imagine. Our experience gives testimony to this truth because without Christ, we can’t reconcile with God and live holy. We don’t have the spiritual strength to live a righteous life, but Christ does and will walk us through the pains of life.

Remember, through Christ nothing is impossible (Philippians 4:13). And this means our responsibility is to lose our life in Christ by picking up our cross and walking in His footprints.

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God has made us new, and the way we live our lives must radiate to the world the changes Christ has performed in our hearts.


What does it mean becoming God’s new creations?

Well, the answer is simple. It’s not of our making, but has everything to do with Christ’s resurrection. God has chosen us to be cleansed from the bondage of sin and made us new in the resurrected Savior.

God has invited us to join His sovereignty through the sacrifice, resurrection and ascension of Christ. Once God has called us and we humble ourselves (James 4:10), then we walk away from our old lives and discover God’s new one. This is a profound and spiritual awakening unlike any other and revolutionizes our lives.

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I’m grateful to share with you God has made me new! In my past (before God saved me) my life anchored in unnecessary sin. Pride consumed me and my reactions to life’s troubles centered in resentments. My heart was bitter, and my vulgar language became a weapon of revenge.

Everything I did was to glorify myself. The more I lived life for myself caused me to fall deeper into the darkness of despair. I had no resolution to the dead spirit my soul had become. My life was useless, and those around me became concerned over the condition of my uncontrollable lifestyle.

God knew I had to face drastic circumstances to get my attention. I had become powerless over my life. Alcohol abuse had become a life-threatening problem and the harder I tried to stop drinking it made matters worse. When my hopelessness was finished, and everything I tried failed then, God made Himself known.

God gave me an opening to a new way of living and the moment I walked through His threshold my old life became obsolete. Christ hasn’t made me perfect, but has taught me repentance and freed me from the paralyzing grip of sin. Sometimes my faith is weak, and sin, but my rebirth is full of hope because Christ is my top priority.

As long as I place Christ above everything, then my salvation is secure. Christ’s courage gives me the strength to find the narrow way and stay in God’s favor. But when I become complacent in my Christian actions the door to destruction swings open and I become vulnerable to God’s enemy. I’m grateful Christ has shown me the eternal light.

Each of us has problems living a holy life. We are in the same predicament and understand the essence of Christ’s resurrection. Through Christ, God has made us His new creation and trust us to carry His message to others. We can agree it’s Christ who makes heaven possible.

What has Christ’s resurrection meant to you?


Author: walterkahler.wk@gmail.com

Living a Christian life isn't being perfect or self-righteous. Often people misunderstand the characteristics of a saved life. I sure did. Salvation isn't the absence of sin, but freed from its bondage. Experiencing God's living Spirit and knowing Christ is the essence of salvation and a sign of your eternal destination. I hope you will share your faith with me so we can grow together in the image of Christ.