The Lost Meaning of Thanksgiving

Have you noticed?
Thanksgiving has changed.
Decades ago this Holiday meant a time for our country (USA) to stop and give thanks for the nation. Most businesses closed their doors so they could spend time with family and express gratitude for each other.
I remember a time when walking into a store and saw a big display of Thanksgiving goods. Every section of the store had many choices to buy Thanksgiving nick knacks. I felt connected with Thanksgiving.
This tradition still goes on, but it has lost its punch.
Today the misuse of Christmas has taken preference. Black Friday starts on Thanksgiving night. Stores are displaying Christmas stuffs before Thanksgiving Day. Cities are decorating their streets with Christmas lights the week before Thanksgiving.
It’s not surprising this change has occurred. The USA has gone astray from the spiritual principles their founding fathers set for guidance. They included God in separating themselves from British rule.
In the Bible, we are taught to be watchful. It warns us how the evil one uses the world to destroy the godliness of the human soul. Satan uses family destruction is against God. And the United States government has opened the door for the devil to play havoc in the family.
Abortion (1973) and same-sex marriages (2015) are facts of the unholy direction the United States has taken. That is a sign of how the Devil uses man laws to abolish the family sovereignty of God. Those laws have destroyed human life (Exodus 20:13) and God’s intended purpose of marriage (Genesis 2:24). And no human power can reverse their devastating consequences. It’s up to God.
Remember, we are God’s temple (1 Corinthians 6:19). We are His gift and cannot afford to live outside His commandments. The narrow way is tough to follow for it takes abiding in Christ to stay on heaven’s path. God’s wrath is real. Sodom and Gomorrah reduced to ashes and the great flood of Noah’s generation wiped out the world population (2 Peter 2:5-6). God’s verdict to disbelief is eternal damnation.  
God has blessed me with a family full of love. Each year we gather in Carrollton, Georgia to celebrate Thanksgiving. My family isn’t small. I have four brothers and four sisters. Mom now eighty-six, and dad gone ten years. Six of us will be in attendance along with many nieces and nephews.
Preparation for such a large gathering has many challenges. My sister-in-law is terrific for she prepares most of the meal. Her selfless service is wonderful watch. And I can see God working in her spirit. I’m grateful to be a witness of God guiding her life.
As Christians, we know it’s imperative to place God above everything. We understand giving thanks to God is daily. Our walk with Christ is an hour by hour commitment and not reserved for times of emergencies. Faith without works is fruitless and a setup for disaster.
May Christ be your guiding Light in these dark times.



The Eternal Awakening

Every man, woman, and child will experience the eternal awakening. It’s not up for debate. God will judge everyone. The question is where will your eternal destination take place heaven or damnation?
Contained within the Bible is God’s truth, warningsand realities of our lives beyond the flesh. Everything we need to know about our spiritual resting place is in God’s book. The Bible is the blueprint of God’s master plan. Here is where you will find the correct and direct path to God’s kingdom. 
God’s mighty wrath is tough to grasp. The Lord’s love is unconditional, but His judgment is swift, just and righteous. We are commanded to fear God.
Why should we fear God?
The answer is in the way God dealt with our ancient ancestors.

God closed the Garden of Eden’s gate from Adam and Eve for disobeying His command. (Genesis 3: 23-24). And in Noah’s generation He wiped out the population for wickedness (Genesis 7: 1-24).
These two truths are prime examples of the way God hands out His penalty for disobedience. They are severe and should be feared. Remember Christ told us to fear the One who can kill both the body and soul (Matthew 10:28).

The fear of God isn’t meant to make us afraid of Him.
“Wait a minute, I thought fear is a natural instinct to stay away from an injurious experience.”
That is a human definition.  But, God isn’t a man. He is the creator, alpha, omega and the beginning and end.
Christ is where we find God’s wisdom and understand good from evil (Genesis 3:22). This provides us proof to draw closer to God and fear the results from disobedience. So, fearing God isn’t fleeing from Him, but knowing the outcome of our defiance has fatal consequences.
Humanity’s eternal destination isn’t a theory. Theories have no weight or depth and disproved. They are not reliable and are changed to meet the needs of the collective agreements among those involved. Science can’t explain the mysteries of God.
God never changes, is always faithful and lives inside our spirits. The bloodshed of Christ’s, His Resurrection and Ascension into heaven is real. God makes His presence, indisputable, undeniable and everlasting. 

The Holy Spirit, a remarkable union between God and us, is the entry into heaven. Nothing in the world can offer matches God’s incredible presence. The overwhelming love, serenity and spiritual energy God releases is a profound awareness of His sovereignty.
Faith is crucial in our Christian walk. Without it, we can’t become God-conscious. But the Bible warns us about the improper use of its purpose. Apostle James preached on dead faith. He emphasized faith in action by being doers of the word. (James 1:21-27; 2:14-26)
Quoting scripture is not enough. Knowledge of Christ is a good start, but it won’t be enough for finding the wisdom to live with Him. The way to be a doer is to exert our efforts in applying the commands of God’s word. We have to react to life’s terms in a holy way so others can witness Christ’s way of dealing with a hostile world.
An excellent example of a living faith comes from the Apostle Peter (2 Peter 1:5-11). Here Disciple Peter listed seven Christian principles to stay active in faith and grow in our walk with Christ. They are Christ’s commands and lead to unshakable faith. Besides their fruits, they help keep us renewed in God’s spirit.
John the Baptist pointed out the urgency of repenting (Matthew 3:2). And repentance allows Christ to cleanse our souls. Here John shows repentance as a crucial action in entering God’s house.
Repentance goes beyond words. It begins with confession and ends in making amends to God for the sin we commit. Even though God has forgiven us through Christ, it doesn’t mean we have a free ride. The Lord is watching the Christian action we take in turning away from sin.
Real repentance is a change in sinful behavior. Once we admit to God the evilness we did in front of Him, then we have to make corrections. The key to changing our sinful nature is self-discipline, perseverance and reliance on Christ’s strength for the courage to live holy. If we don’t repent, then, we can’t expect to receive God’s mercy.
I struggle in my walk with Christ. Sometimes I leave Christ out and make unwise decisions. This is the subtle way pride works in my life and feeds other sinful desires. Here is where the evil one is working hard to take root and keep me away from God. The way out of this wicked cycle is seeking Christ daily. 
My reactions to sin, glorifying God and abiding in Christ are proportionate to my final resting place. The Holy Spirit allows me to know the right steps to take in staying in God’s favor.  Whether I’m active or complacent in faith, my fate is in God’s judgment.

The Bible has many other scriptures explaining the right way of following God’s will. Christ is our intercessor. We will have to stand before God and let Him decide our destiny.